'Conversations' vs the Kitchen Table...Where is THE place to be?

rhome410June 28, 2008

I have occasionally checked in here and occasionally check the Kitchen Table...Then today there was a link to the home dec conversations forum, and I finally have to know what's up. Is there a distinction I should know about of when to use which one? It seems like they're all meant for the same type of thing?

I have mostly been sticking to the Discussions side of things and am trying to find out what else I'm missing. :-) Because you know I need to spend more time on the computer!


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I think the discussion side of the Kitchens forum is mostly limited to those who are or have remodeled kitchens, and can't get away from this place - while it's not usually kitchen remodeling oriented, it's made up of forum friends and acquaintances you've known for a while. The Kitchen Table is, I think, more general, and people from all the "That Home Site!" forums post there. It's probably a great place to make new friends and get reacquainted with "old" friends who don't hang out on the forums you frequent.

And what a great way to spend the ENTIRE DAY on the computer.

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As if I can't manage to do that just on the discussions side of Kitchens! LOL. Thanks, momj47.

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The kitchen table forum moved too quickly for me to keep up with when I tried it. Seems like the people there really do continously post all day. I can only check in to the forums now and then so if I see a thread I'm interested in, and then by the time I check back, it's either got 30 new posts or it's fallen to page three... well, I just can't keep up.

I think that normally the people who hang out on the "discussions" side of a particular forum are the ones you see posting on the "conversations" side of that forum. The point being that if you hang out on a forum, you'll see the familiar "faces" on conversations as well.

I lurk on home decorating and don't post there very often, but they have a fairly active and interesting conversations side so I go there as well. I also look at conversations here and on the cooking forum. Again, really no difference, it's just "off-topic" conversations, with people you "know".

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Thanks, lowspark... I did notice that the Kitchen Table one moves about like the Kitchen discussion forum at several pages a day, but this one is much less active. We do end up having more OT questions for the friends we meet on our favorite forum, so it's nice to be able to maybe find those people here.

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I used to hang out here all the time, right after we remodeled our kitchen. This conversations forum was smoking back then! It seems like many have drifted off and some, myself included, have migrated to the convo side of the decorating forum. I post once in a while on the discussions side of both decorating and kitchens, but I mostly post on conversations.

I read the Kitchen Table forum every day, too. It does move very fast (slows way down on the weekend--I think many people post while at work). But I skip past most of the threads and just read the ones that catch my eye or ones that I think I can help with. They are a real friendly bunch over there, so don't hesitate to post. Once in a while, someone will even post a thread related to kitchens! I remember a while back when everyone posted photos of their kitchens. It was so interesting to see kitchens that didn't have all the bells and whistles that we TKO folks have.

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Thanks, uxorial. I do check in on the Kitchen Table every once in awhile...and will try to keep doing that. They have some fun discussions.

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I've checked out the Kitchen Table forum but to be honest, I found it somewhat intimidating. It seemed as if everyone knew everyone else so well that I didn't feel like I would "fit in." I wasn't comfortable posting too often...I probably posted only 2 or 3 times. It's not that anyone made me feel unwelcome...it was just that I didn't feel comfortable there. It's probably just that I've come to "know" people here and that starting in a new place is tough...especially for someone as shy as I am (yes, I'm shy, I have to force myself to meet new people!)

Maybe if I lurked for awhile I would become more comfortable...but then my kitchen remodel picked up again and I didn't have time to monitor two sites!

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I started out on the Appliance and Kitchen forum 2 years ago - right after we finished our remodel - Yeah, I know, not the best timing but I never even knew this site existed. I tried this 'Conversation' forum at the time but it was really slow, it seemed very few people were posting.

Then organic donna posted an invitation here and on the Kitchen forum inviting everyone to visit the Kitchen Table because the discussions were much more lively. I've been posting regularly there ever since. I still read the Appliance and Kitchen forums often and I check in here too.

Buehl - I felt a little intimidated at first too. There are members who have been posting for many years and seem to know so many of the other posters. But everyone is friendly and new posters are really welcomed. Quite a few of the members started out on the Kitchen or Appliance forums so TKO fits right in.

One of the nicer threads is the daily - I'll Show you Mine If You'll Show Me Yours. KT members post photos of plants, pets, homes, vacations, unknown objects, ice bergs etc. Some of the photos are so beautiful they look professional, others are just everyday pictures.

So please feel free to join in the conversation at the KT anytime. It's a great group.

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I tried the Kitchen Table - the topics usually aren't that interesting to me. Sometimes it seems you don't really get into it if you're not a regular participant there. I read one once where people were describing themselves - many people seemed to be retired - which might explain why people have time to post things all day long and why I didn't feel like I had too much in common with the group.

I mostly just visit Discussions for topics relevant to something I've got going on - not so much on the Conversations side of things. I do feel like I kind of "know" people here though since I spent so much time here dealing with my kitchen.

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