Secret to Cutting 18 inch Porcelain Tile

akrogirlNovember 25, 2011

Hi all, we are trying to lay 18 inch porcelain tile throughout much of our house. DH is attempting to cut the tile with a wet saw but is having problems with the full length diagonal cuts - the tiles keep breaking one to two inches from the end. Are there any tricks of the trade he needs to be aware of?

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Sounds like the wet saw table is to small.

You need a table that can support the whole length of the cut.

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Thanks for the response, Brickeyee, but the table does support the full length of the cut. Any other things to try?

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Make a little cut in about an inch and then flip the tile and cut from the other way.

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the saw is a low quality piece of junk


the saw is old and worn causing vibration


there is not enough water flowing


the saw blade is bent causing vibration


the saws arbor is loose/bent causing vibration


the saws bearings are shot causing wobble/vibration


the saw blade is to worn


you are applying to much force cutting the tile

unless you want to pay for a large professional radial (arm-type) saw $3k-$5k, use floorguys suggestion

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Avanti Tile & Stone

A Felker or Target is what we Pros use. Even a "Bridge Saw" from someone like Harbor Freight might work well for him. The cheap saws are useless for anything over 12" and are even questionable there. He might rent a good one from HD or someone else. Any pictures? (We love pictures)

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Thank you all, and sorry I haven't checked back sooner. I will pass this info on to my husband, and hope that he is able to resolve the problem.

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Make sure the table is flat and supporting the whole tile.

I have sen some cheap stamped tables that have been bowed right out of the box.
Use a straightedge as least as long as the cuts you are trying.

If the rubber on the table has hardened or become to soft you will also have cracking issues.

Arbor and blade run-out, worn blades, inadequate water flow can also all contribute.

As long as there is a ready source of water run a garden hose and just let the water overflow out in the yard.

Do not even bother with the circulating pump.

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