Trafficmaster Allure Ultra

hedygsNovember 21, 2010

I see that Trafficmaster is selling the Allure as a click together floor now. Has anyone had any experience using this product?

I would think that this would eliminate the problem of edges not adhering together well.

Thanks for any input.

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I didn't know Trafficmaster Allure even came in anything other than what I got where there is an adhesive edge that sticks one piece to the next. By the way, I hate it and after just one year, I am ripping it out and replacing it with an engineered wood floor.

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Twinnera thanks for the response. What is prompting you to tear it out? I am trying to find flooring for my basement and it is making me crazy because I don't want to use tile and carpetting gets so dirty.

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Wow I just purchased this product in the cherry color for my deck that is enclosed. I hope that i will be happy with the final outcome. I intend to start laying it later today after buying it from HD yesterday spending 500.00. Twinnera what was the main reason you do not like it now?

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Lauren I hope you like it. I am waiting for a couple color samples but this is my top choice still. I was wondering if you are not supposed to let it acclimatize in your home before install?

Please let us know how you like it (complete with pictures of course :) ).

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I just finished installing this flooring in my kitchen so far it looks great. It butts up to a just refinished oak floor. I have to admit the Allure Ultra looks good.

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tom421 - How did the installation go? Any problems? Any tricks?

I have used the old style with the adhesive tabs several times and had no problems. I currently have it in my bathroom, and still love it.

Working on a kitchen remodel now, and trying to decide whether to use the old style or the new Allure Ultra. I am disappointed that the Allure Ultra does not come in tile patterns (yet).

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