new hardwood floor.. noise problem

habalsNovember 21, 2012


I recently installed a new hardwood floor 3/4" over a wood subfloor. The installer put the sheet of paper between the hardwood floor and the subfloor. Under the subfloor is the uninsulated crawlspace.

We don't have any squeaks. However,

The problem is that when ever somebody walks around, the foot step noise is amplified by the crawl space and it really drives me crazy.

Is there a way to reduce these noise?

Will putting insulation under the subfloor help reduce the noise?

Any advise will be appreciated!!

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Sophie Wheeler

It's not the crawlspace at all--although of course, yours should be properly insulated for comfort and energy savings. Insulating it will do nothing for sound deadening for the floor above. All hard floors are much noisier than soft floors. Put some rugs down and add more soft furnishings like drapes and cloth chairs if you want to minimize the noise.

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My friend's house has hardwood on slab, and there is absolutely no noise at all. That's why I thought it is from the crawl space.
Thanks for your help.

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You are getting the noise you describe because your floor construction is over the crawl space. Your floor surface is the 'drum cover' and any impact on the surface becomes a louder noise due to the open space and hard surfaces below the floor. Harmonics produce the resonant frequency and you don't find that a pleasing tone.

In addition to rugs over the 'drum surface' adding sound attenuating materials in the space below may help reduce the noise.

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Thanks glennsfc.
That's what I thought.
I was thinking insulation material in the crawl space will reduce the noise. Maybe it is something I should just try.
It will anyway help the winter gas bill.

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