American made goodies

MariposaTraicioneraJune 11, 2006

We're travelling to Europe and before moving on to Paris, we will spend 10 days in London. We'll be staying with a couple and their 26 year old daughter who are acquaintances from years ago. When I asked what they'd like to have from the US the reponse was "goodies," nothing to collect!

However, they won't specify and said to 'surprise' them. I'd like to take things that are made in the States and that are 'different' from what we get in the grocery store.

Any ideas? I've gotten some tips like Jalapeno jelly, cajun seasonings, BBQ sauces (St. Louis style), but these folks really love sweet things as well.

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Churros? Prob. can't get that in England...

Ranch dressing? Chili?

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Be sure to ask this over in the Cooking Forum, too. Lots of those people travel a lot, and I think you'll get a lot of good ideas.

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Mmmmmmmm, pralines! They should travel well.

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If they'll be your first stop, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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Vermont Maple Syrup. For best taste, don't buy the lightest color; flavor is richer iin slightly darker grades.

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Thanks for the responses. Someone also mentioned Oreo cookies and jelly bellies (she lived across there for a year and said they were hard to come by). This will be our first stop wooderlander, so I could whip up some of those. I'm going to check out some of the specialty stores around here and see what they have in the gourmet sections.

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If you live anywhere near Philadelphia, get some Tastykakes! I was weaned on them, and I really miss not being able to get them here in Washington state. Every time I visit family in PA, I bring home a backpack full of Tastykakes. Some varieties travel better than others, but if you put them in a sturdy box, they should be fine. They are also available online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tastykakes

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Taffy from the Goldenrod at York Beach. Very American.

Here is a link that might be useful: Taffy (

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I had an exfiance years ago that I met in Valencia, Spain, and all she ever asked for was real Lee and Levi jeans!! It's been a long time since I've been to Europe, but in the late 70's they were worth their weight in gold, especially to kids and young adults.

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microwave popcorn?

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I queried some women from the UK on another board I am on and they said: things with peanut butter and chocolate. They don't get much PB over there...

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When I spent a study abroad year in England, one of my British flatmates was horrified when I ate Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches---she thought I must be crazy! On a trip back from the US I brought back some of that swirled together peanut butter and jelly (Goober Grape?) just to prove that I wasn't the only American eating PB&J sandwiches.....and she loved the stuff! Who knew anyone could love Goober Grape!

My flat mates were also especially excited about a big ol bag of flour tortillas I brought back for them, but that was over 10 years ago now, so I suspect tortillas are a bit more available then they were then.

Another of those giant Hershey bars.....yet more proof of American excess! :)

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Who want peanut butter when you can have marmite? LOL j/k

Peanut butter is a great idea!

I feel that several european countries lack good Heinz Ketchup...catsup just does not measure up.

I will ask my British friend what she brings home for her mom when she goes.

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Thanks for all the added tips on what to take across the pond. Peanut butter keeps coming up for some reason even in conversations with friends. I didn't realise that they don't have as many things made with PB as we do....and to think I don't care much for PB,lol

Another thing someone mentioned was TexMex seasonings and flour tortillas Klb! Also Ketchup...who would have thought that these things would be considered 'goodies' to someone else?

Taffy was also suggested as well as peacan brittle and various fudge with nuts. I'll have to post some links that were passed on by acquaintances just in case someone else has to buy for overseas friends/family.

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Had dinner with an ex-pat friend (now living in Italy) last night who suggested real Tex-Mex salsa. And Cheetoes!!

WHO brought up Marmite? Talk about acquired tastes...

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If your friends like sweet and hot, a company down here in NM makes an amazing blackberry habanero sauce -- like a blackberry sauce you'd put on ice cream, but with a serious kick. It's called Besito Caliente, and it is dangerously addictive, on ice cream, in marinades, pretty much wherever. It's $10/bottle, and I don't allow myself to keep it in the house, because I could drink the stuff straight. (Oh, speaking of which - makes a *wicked* margarita. And your friends probably can't get margarita mix, or decent anejo tequila, on that side of the pond.)

I also bring Frango Mints everywhere with me, even though they're not actually made in Chicago anymore. People love them, and chocolate-mint is not a common European flavor combination -- at least not as common as choc-hazelnut or choc-orange.

Have a wonderful trip!

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