OT - good garden forum?

donkaJune 28, 2009

Hi folks,

Just wondering if someone here knows which of the garden forums are fairly active? Looking for somewhere to post general gardening questions and have general garden chats etc.

There's so many of them I just have no idea which one's are lively, without clicking through them all to find out.


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I have found the rose and antique rose forums to be active. I also check southern gardening and carolina gardening because I'm in NC. And the soil and compost forum is active too. You never know what they're putting in their compost, someone put in a whole deer.

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Check out the regional fora. They're pretty active, I believe, so it's not hard to get responses to general questions.

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Fori is not pleased


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Lol will_work_for_roses...that's like extreme composting!

Thanks for the tips so far...keep 'em coming! If anyone has a fav I'd love to hear...

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Cottage forum definitely. The Brugmansia forum goes OT a lot and they are really helpful there, too. If you are in a region that has a specialized forum, you could try there.

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