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sasmJune 1, 2011

Anyone have long-term/heavy use experience with the Breville? I've been using a toaster oven for all my oven cooking and I keep "croaking" them. They just don't stand up to the heavy use (like roast beef & yorkshire pudding). The Breville seems expensive, but if it'll last, it's cheaper than replacing a cheaper one every year.-Thanks! SASM

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I've heard good reviews of the Breville as well as the Cuisinart. I used a Cuisinart TOB-195 through the remodel and it gets almost daily use in the new kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: toaster oven reviews

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sasm, there's only two of us so we do almost all of our cooking in a convection toaster oven. I get one from Kmart by Hamilton Beach. You can get them on sale for less than $60. Two racks, does rotisserie, etc. Steaks, meatloaf, cakes, pies, all the usual stuff.
It's excellent and cheap.

Until they invent a self cleaning convection toaster oven, I'm not buying an expensive one. They are too hard for me to clean. When this one gets too dirty, I just get a new one.


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We got the compact one to replace a Delonghi that replaced another of the same model--the knobs broke off within a year or two. So far we love the Breville, though there is a little bit of a learning curve for toasting time (# of slices/darkness level). Very happy with it.

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Dear sasm, I too have the Breville Smart oven, also replacing a VERY sturdy and long-lived Delonghi (15 years!!). It was recommended to me by the sales people at Sur La Table, who also own it and spoke from firsthand experience. If you go onto Amazon, almost all of the reviews are super positive.
The oven does a ton of things, toasts very well (takes longer than a traditional toaster, but after this past weekend, where I was vacationing in a timeshare that only had a regular toaster -read only two pieces at a time-not so great for making toast points for appetizers, or feeding a hungry crowd pronto Tonto), I was even more grateful for my toaster oven.
Another cool thing is that it has low temps(130), perfect for making yoghurt or keeping things warm, as well as dehydrating without cooking things. It has a convection feature that works great, plus the oven is big enough for a pizza (not the giganto size LOL) or, for me since I only have one oven, a pie.
I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond, using one of their coupons plus a sale price on top of that, so it was less than $300.00. Oh, it's easy to clean too-and has a pull out from the front crumb tray (which to me seems self-evident, but you'd be surprised how many make you remove it from the back!). I know you'll love it-Breville makes a great product. I even bought their Smart Grill based on how much I love my toaster oven, and it rocks too! (No, I don't work for Breville)

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I've had my Breville smart oven for almost a year and like it a lot. There are only two of us and I hate to use the big oven for small jobs, like roasting a couple of chicken breasts. But for toast we use an inexpensive toaster, so much faster and evener toasting.

But I am having a time getting the Breville's walls clean from spattered grease, its baked on.

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I have the smaller Breville and I love it. It works really well as a toaster and it's great for warming day old pizza too. We freeze our bread and use the Breville to "reconstitute" it. It's really a great product.

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I'm 6 months late to the party, but I have exactly the kind of use you're looking for. Our big Breville SmartOven will be 4 years old next month (Jan 2015) and has been used 2-3 times a day almost every day since purchasing. We start with morning toast or bagels, and in the evening we're likely to roast some chicken, croutons, potatoes, lasagna, all kinds of things go in it.

Our last toaster oven was a very standard one, that didn't do much well. The Breville is more like a small oven, doing many things well.

It's one expensive purchase I do not regret.

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