bamboo floor fumes--anyone else have this problem??

nikwatersNovember 12, 2006

Hi, has anyone installed a bamboo floor and had trouble with fumes? We purchased Morning Star Bamboo from Lumber Liquidators and installed it in a bedroom. We had planned to do the whole second floor with it but had installation delays--luckily! We noticed a strange, acrid odor right after installation. We weren't using the room much, though, so it wasn't a problem. We just left the window open for a few days, thinking that would take care of it. Well, a couple months later we moved in and the fumes were AWFUL--I mean, make your eyes tear and your nose burn awful. For the past month we have been venting the room with a fan to the outside, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. We've been sleeping in this room and if we can't ventilate it for at least ten hours first (and we often can't now that the weather is getting so cold) then I wake up with a burning nose and a headache and my husband's eyes swell up. This product supposedly meets "more stringent" European emission standards, but it is definitely causing a health issue for us--perhaps not for folks who don't have allergies or sensitivities or whatever, but for us it is a big problem. LL will not take what's left back. I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with bamboo products and whether they've been able to mitigate it. I don't really want to continue with the installation, but if LL continues to balk at taking it back, we're not sure what we'll do...looking into other flooring options, but if we're saddled with this bamboo, we may not have $$ left over to do anything with this floor and may have to do what we can with ventilating whenever we can! If this is a known health issue with these floors, though, and not "just us" (I do have a type of migraine that makes me sensitive to chemicals) then we want to push LL both to take this stuff back and to stop selling it!

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This is prefinished bamboo? We put down prefinished carbonized bamboo from Hawaiian Pacific Flooring about a month ago, and have had no such problem. That has got to be abnormal!

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Man, you were not warned??

Morning Star, that LL hocks, is the worst in the bamboo industry! You should have done your research before the purchase!! Pure junk!

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I bought and installed some bamboo flooring from Floor Bamboo, Inc. recently. There is no such strange thing to happen. I think the Admond and Aptune bamboo flooring is quite good and the price is reasonable. You can have a look at their site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo Floor, Inc.

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I have heard about this with strand bamboo, but Morning Star isn't strand, is it? It is pretty cheap, so it is possible they cut corners and used something they shouldn't.

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Have had bamboo floors from lumber liquidators (bath and kitchen) for over two years. Never had any fumes------I don't know if it had a name of Morning Star but I am sure this is unnatural and unsafe.

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Our Red Arowana strandwoven bamboo had a slight strange acrid odor when we opened it but it had dissipated by the time we installed it. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Can you report it to a gov't agency of any kind? Is there an Angie's List in your area to post a review of LL to? Your problem sounds like you can't be the only ones suffering it; it's just a matter of publicity and push and refusing to roll over.

Best of luck. Think about the idea that if you push it, you may be saving other people from having to go through what you did; that motivates me when I'm in similar situations sometimes.

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I'd suspect formaldehyde in the glues used to manufacture the flooring. See the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Protect U.S. against toxic fumes from abroad

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Thanks for all the replies. Latest update is that LL will allow us to exchange the boxes we have left for another product, despite being well past the 30 day exchange limit. I got to talk to a different sales person at the outlet and right away he said "that product's made with formaldehyde." We have not mcuh $ to spend, which is why we originally went with the bamboo. LL has a few solid wood prodcts that are under $4 that we are considering. Anyone had experience with their Builder's Pride or Casa de Colour (Dura-Wood) pre-finished solid wood products (maple or oak)? I've been all over the Web trying to find reviews, but have come up with zilch aside from the fact that This Old House featured the Casa de Colour in a DC row house remodel they covered...nothing said about quality! We are going to do the exchange today, and I'll probably buy one box of the Casa or Builder's Pride--I plan to sleep with the box in my bedroom to see if I have any bad reactions to the finish, this time round! (Not sleeping in the bamboo room now. We've moved downstairs again.) Anyway, I would appreciate any input, as floors are not my realm of knowledge--I can tell if the milling is crummy or the wood super low quality, but that's about the extent of it, I'm afraid.

As for the possibility of this bamboo being a really toxic product, LL cust. serv. is looking into whether ther might have been manufacturing problems with this lot of Morning Star. They are also sending out an inspector to measure emissions. My bet is that they will detect the strange odor but that toxic emissions will be within EPA guidelines--I think I'm just one of the unlucky few who has problems with a number of chemicals at low doses, and my husband has asthma so he's more prone than most folks to problems with air quality. New carpets give me the same reaction, which is why we were trying to go for an inexpensive "wood" product! But my guess is that most people would not have had anywhere near the severe reaction I had.

As for the comment that Morning Star is "trash" and we should have known better, well, we did do our research and the only negative we found from anyone was some folks who found that the finish scratched easily, and that was a flaw we found with every bamboo product we looked into. The Morning Starlooks great, it had very little waste, and comes backed with a 30 yr finish warranty. Just this pesky little problem that it gives me massive headaches and my face swells up when I'm in the room! The problem, as far as I see it, is that the salesperson at LL sold me a product made with a chemical I expressly told him I could not have in my sleeping area. I doubt we'll recoup all the $ we spent on this floor, but I'm giving LL credit for trying to address my case and not just dismissing it out of hand. I know a number of other folks with chemical allergies who have had problems with products and simply been told where they can shove it... So we're not considering litigation at this point--just waiting and seeing how far LL is willing to go in making this right.

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We installed the Morning Star about two months ago, and have experienced continuing strong odors.... though I wouldn't say acrid. I called LL and they said 1. they haven't received any complaints, and 2. it's like a "new car smell." I'm doubtful about both.

Many thanks for publicizing this. Has anyone had success in diminishing the odor?

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Depending on the quantity you need to cover (total square feet) Build Direct has some nice prefinished wood flooring for reasonable prices. They were very prompt sending samples to us. (we ended up buying from another company though) We didn't look at bamboo.

Do some research on any wood you might be thinking about putting down. There's alot of great information on the web about the different wood species and their pros/cons for flooring. There are other wood flooring forums that contain valuable information for consumers. Some of the exotics are known to cause allergic reactions (contact with their dust, etc.) It might be that you are also allergic to bamboo! Maybe what you need to look for is a solid wood that doesn't have any glue in it (as opposed to engineered that is several layers bonded by glue). Solid wood is available in 3/4" and thinner versions. BR111 carries a thin solid as does Launstein. There may be other companies out there - again, do some research on the different types of wood flooring before you make any purchase so you will know what you are getting. (The thinner solids are not as expensive as 3/4" solid either.)

Hope that helps!

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We have just bought 800 sqft of Morning Star bamboo from Lumber Liquidator. I brought 35 boxes of bamboo wood and left them insdie the house to acclaimate. There seems to be no acrid odor yet. But after reading all the messages on this product, I really am concerned. I am very sensitive to chemical and have bad allergy. I still have a few days more to exchange bamboo for another type of wood. Any suggestion ? This is my first house and do not want to go wrong on the wood floor.

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To test outgassing, cut a small piece off and place it in a sealed glass jar. Open the jar the next and stick your nose in it. Just about everything outgasses, though. You should read all the things online about new carpet!

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Thanks for letting me know that some bamboo products are pressed with formaldehyde glue that outgases and I am allergic to it.

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If I were you (and I am very sensitive to formaldehyde), is get rid of the bamboo and go with a site finished wood floor. Research poly finishes and find out if any have formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives. Make sure you keep the room well ventilated and stay away until it is all done!

You can also get information sheets from your physician for many products that contain formaldehyde or its derivatives (often in shampoo and conditioner - DMDM Hydantoin is one) and practice avoidance. My experience is that once you have been "set off" like this that your sensitivities increase to other products that normally wouldn't irritate.

Since you requested a product with no formaldehyde ("The problem, as far as I see it, is that the salesperson at LL sold me a product made with a chemical I expressly told him I could not have in my sleeping area") you need to push them for a complete refund. Remind them that it is a good thing you didn't have a lethal reaction but might still have ongoing medical concerns from your reaction. It is fine that they took back the other bamboo, but they need to reimburse you for the bamboo that precipitated the reaction. I don't suppose you have the salesperson's comment in writing, do you? (That's why I LOVE email!)

Good luck and keep us posted!

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We purchased the MorningStar strandwoven bamboo flooring from LL. We were told by the salesperson that it was "made for radiant floors....After reading your post we had the boxes of flooring stacked in the midst of our remodel and opened one to smell it. Well, after airing it for over a month (we were unaware of the return policy) my husband who is not chemical sensitive could not stand the formaldehyde smell. We did a little research and found that the formaldehyde will offgas even more when heated; a terrible choice for radiant floor heat. Also we learned that there are two kinds of formaldehyde; urea and phenal. Phenal formaldehyde is the more expense and it doesn't offgas as much. Of course MorningStar uses Urea formaldehyde the less expense choice....Although it was after the 30 days, our local LL said they had checked with the regional manager and we could return it for a in-store credit not a refund....It's been some time now and we can't decide what floor LL has that we want to install as we also don't have excess money....Would you post which flooring you have installed and if you are happy with it? Thanks for your warning.

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"Man, you were not warned??

Morning Star, that LL hocks, is the worst in the bamboo industry! You should have done your research before the purchase!! Pure junk!"

You are totally wrong about this. We just had this flooring installed in our remodeled basement and it is fantastic. The odor is hardly noticeable. Our floor guy with over 25 years in the business said that this is one of the hardest and best made flooring he has ever installed. Every board is perfectly made and fits together like no other flooring he has ever seen.

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Wow you registered today just to post about a product someone had asked a question about 4 yrs ago and you had a glowing report! Wow nothing suspicious about that eh?

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Lumber Liquidators sells defect products (bellawood floor) causing 25 time higher formaldehyde indoor pollution

We bought 1600sf Bellawood floor from Lumber Liquidators and installed it in our house. Right after the installation, my family started suffering irritated eyes, skin rash, and burning throat, respiratory stress. Indoor air testing showed the formaldehyde level was above 0.2ppm, which is 25 time higher than the normal level(0.008ppm). We have to move to other place to avoid exposure. The Lumber Liquidators and their insurance company Liberty Mutual kicked the ball back and forth, and made us a homeless for 8 months. I would like to tell other customers of Lumber Liquidators, if you are suffering some respirotary symptoms, check the Formaldehyde level in your house. If you are going to buy products from Lumber Liquidator, please think about my experience.

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HOw do you test for formaldehyde levels? We have 800 sq. ft of morningstar bamboo in our house waiting to be installed. It stinks & I don't know if that is normal for all wood floors or just this kind. Do I get a kit somewhere? Will it air out in time? We wanted to put radiant heat under it.

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March 2011 My friend is a builder, just bought 1,000 sq. ft. of Morning Star Bamboo Flooring from Lumber Liquidators. She opened a number of boxes, getting ready to lay the floor, within 4 days she was experiencing extreme cognitive malfunctioning, inability to drive, metallic taste in her mouth. The doctors say this is not formaldehyde poison symptoms. She's had IV and is under treatment with vitamin and mineral supplements, limiting her diet to organic fruits and vegetables. She has been out of the environment where the fumes were for five days but she is still having recurring symptoms and we don't know what sort of treatment to seek. LL says the contents of the product is formaldehyde and polyurethane.

We're wondering if the brain damage is permanent, how long it will take to be well, what's next.

Beware of the Morning Star brand of Bamboo Flooring that LL sells!!

Any suggestions for anecdote for the toxic poisoning?

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I am considering on using Morning Star " Tiger Strand " bamboo flooring. LL states that the formaldehyde level is within the manufacture spec's. If anyone has info either positive or negetive I would like to know, or if there is a similar looking product. Thanks

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I installed the Morning Star Bamboo - 5/8" x 3-3/4" Prefinished Natural Strand Bamboo Flooring - 30 Year Warranty, 3.5 months ago and had the same problem with fumes. The smell was unbearable my throat was inflamed and irritated I had terrible headaches and burning eyes. Whenever I mop all of the windows need to be open because it off gasses all over again and will smell just as bad as when first installed it. Recently (within the past week) I had a potted plant and some water spilled on the floor when watering it. Today I noticed that the whole area that had been wet is now buckling, cracking and warping; the finish is literally peeling right off. I would not suggest installing this floor anywhere especially next to doors, windows, in kitchens, laundry rooms, dining rooms... I will be stopping by LL tomorrow with photos, we'll see what happens.

here are some photos of the flooring

Here is a link that might be useful: here are some photos of the flooring

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you shouldn't be 'mopping' a wood floor. It sounds like your getting it way too wet and water and wood don't really mix well. You let standing water sit and your floor buckled. Totally your fault, no mfctg defect. Thats what any wood product does when exposed to too much water.

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I'm having the same concern. I originally went to lumber liquidators and found a nice hand scraped strand bamboo flooring. I then went online and researched a load of companies. So far, I like Cali bamboo. My biggest concern was the formaldehyde in the products. Cali bamboo has little to no formaldehyde added in there product. I've read those same reviews about Morning star, but they were outdated. I was emailed a material safety data sheet on Morning Star brand, but no one could tell me how much formaldehyde content was in the morning star product. At the bottom of the sheet there was a disclaimer:

"The information and data herein are believed to be accurate and have been compiled from sources deemed to be reliable. It is offered for your consideration, investigation and verification. Lumber Liquidators makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, concerning the accuracy of completeness of the information and data herein. Lumber Liquidators will not be liable for claims relating to any party's use of or reliance on information and data contained herein regardless of whether it is claimed that the information and data are inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise misleading. It is incumbent upon the user to obtain the most up-to-date information".

So I guess what they mean is that the info on the safety data sheet is BS.

I'd like to know. Cali bamboo is great, but I actually prefer the hand scraped look they have from Morning Star at lumber liquidators. Does anyone know if Morning Stars 2011 line has added formaldehyde?? (That's the lovely odor you smell from the floors). I can't seem to be able to get a solid answer.

This is what the safety data sheet states for Morning Star:

3000 John Deere Road
Toano, VA 23168
Emergency phone: 1 800-HARDWOOD
Fax: 1 757 259 7295
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is issued by LUMBER
LIQUIDATORS. LUMBER LIQUIDATORS flooring will issue a new MSDS when there is a
change in product specifications and/or regulations. LUMBER LIQUIDATORS will not accept
any responsibility for any change to its MSDS in content by other person or organization.
Product name: Prefinished Strand Bamboo Flooring
Trade name: Morning Star Bamboo Flooring
Other Names: Various
Manufacturer Information: Lumber Liquidators Inc
3000 John Deere Road
Toano, VA 23168
Tel: (757) 259-4280
Fax: (757) 259-7295
This product is composed of bamboo fibers bonded together with urea formaldehyde (UF) resins.
The fibers are mixed and pressed together to give a unique shade blend and increase hardness. The
wear layer is finished by 7 coats of polyurethane with aluminum oxide coating manufactured by
Treffert or Klumpp
UN number: Not applicable
Dangerous goods class: Not applicable
Product Use: Building Materials � Commercial or Residential
MSDS Morning Star Strand Bamboo Flooring,
Revision 3, April 2009 Page 2 of 7
Hazardous ingredients/identity information:
Name CAS
% Agency Exposure Limits Comments
Bamboo1 None 89-90 OSHA3
PEL5-TWA6 15 mg/m3
PEL-TWA 5 mg/m3
TLV7-TWA 3 mg/m3
TLV-STEL8 10 mg/m3
Total dust
Respirable dust fraction
Respirable dust fraction
Inhalable particles
Urea Formaldehyde resin
10-11 OSHA
PEL-TWA 0.75ppm
PEL-STEL 2 ppm
TLV - Ceiling 0.3 ppm
Free gaseous formaldehyde
(contains less than 0.1%
free formaldehyde)
UV Finish
Polymerized polyurethane
None 0-1 OSHA
PEL-TWA none
TLV-TWA none
1 CAS # = Chemical Abstract System. 2 OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 3 AGCIH = American
Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists. 4 PEL = Permissible Exposure Limit. 5 TWA = Time Weighted Average.
6 TLV = Threshold Limit Value. 7 STEL = Short Term Exposure Limit
Note: Bamboo is a member of the grass family which has distinct anatomical differences from that
of wood. Therefore, bamboo would be regulated as an organic dust in a category known as
"Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated" (PNOR), or Nuisance Dust by OSHA. The ACGIH
classifies dust or particulate in this category as "Particulates Not otherwise Specified".
Physical data:
Physical State: Solid
Boiling Point: Not applicable
Freezing Point: Not applicable
Specific Gravity: 0.58 g/ml
Vapour Density: Not applicable
% Volatiles By Volume: 0
Melting Point: Not applicable
Vapour Pressure: Not applicable
Percent Moisture 5% - 9%
Solubility in H20 (% by wt.): Evaporation Rate (Butyl Acetate = 1): Not applicable
pH: Not applicable
MSDS Morning Star Strand Bamboo Flooring,
Revision 3, April 2009 Page 3 of 7
Appearance and odor: Bamboo fibers mixed creating a shade blend unique
to each plank (light yellows for natural, light browns
for carbonized or a mix of lights yellows and light
browns shades). This product can also be stained
with various colors. Low-fuming urea formaldehyde
resins have a slightly aromatic odor.
Fire and explosion data:
Flash Point: Not applicable
Auto ignition Temperature:
Not available, however, it is usually accepted that the
ignition of bamboo begins when the temperature
reaches 204-260�C (400�500�F).
(Depends upon duration of exposure to heat source
and other variables).
Explosive Limits in Air: Not applicable. See below under "Unusual fire
and explosion hazards"
Extinguishing Media
Water, Carbon dioxide, Dry chemical, Sand.
Special Fire Fighting Procedures
Unusual Fire and Explosion
Sawing, sanding or machining can produce bamboo
dust as a by-product which may present an explosion
hazard if a dust cloud contacts an ignition source. An
airborne concentration of air is often used as the LEL
for bamboo dust.
Reactivity data:
Conditions Contributing to Instability
Stable under normal conditions
Conditions to avoid Excessive moisture, condensation or water vapor;
Open flame or conditions above 400 F.
Avoid contact with oxidizing agents. Avoid open
flame. Product may ignite when temperature reaches
in excess of 204�C (400�F).
Hazardous Decomposition Products
Thermal and/or thermal oxidative decomposition can
produce irritating and toxic fumes and gases,
including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide,
aldehydes, organic acids and polynuclear aromatic
Hazardous Polymerization Not applicable
MSDS Morning Star Strand Bamboo Flooring,
Revision 3, April 2009 Page 4 of 7
Carcinogenicity Listing:
(X) NTP1: Group 2, A & B
Formaldehyde, Wood dust
NTP-Group 2: Reasonably anticipated to be a
carcinogen. A) Limited evidence of carcinogenicity
from studies in humans which indicates that causal
relationship is credible. B) Sufficient evidence of
carcinogenicity from studies in experimental animals
(X) IARC2 Monographs; Formaldehyde,
Group 2A, Wood dust, Group 1
IARC-Group 1: Carcinogenic to humans; sufficient
evidence of carcinogenicity. This classification is
primarily based on studies showing an association
between occupational exposure to wood dust and
adenocarcinoma of the nasal cavities and paranasal
(X) OSHA3 Regulated: Formaldehyde
IARC-Group 2A: Probably carcinogenic to humans;
limited human evidence and sufficient evidence in
experimental animals. Studies of cancer incidence
among workers in a wide variety of occupations have
failed to convincingly show carcinogenic activity of
formaldehyde in humans. Gaseous formaldehyde has
been shown to cause cancer in certain laboratory
animals after long-term exposure to very high
concentrations (14+ ppm); concentrations which are
far above the levels of formaldehyde gas emitted
by this product.
1 NTP = National Toxicology Program
2 IARC = International Agency for Research on Cancer
3 OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Exposure hazard:
Eye Contact
Wood dust can cause mechanical irritation such
redness and watering.
Skin Contact
Not applicable for this product in its purchased form,
however various species of wood dust may evoke
allergic contact dermatitis in sensitized individuals.
High concentrations of gaseous formaldehyde may
cause allergic contact dermatitis.
Not likely to occur under normal use. If ingested,
may cause gastrointestinal tract irritation.
MSDS Morning Star Strand Bamboo Flooring,
Revision 3, April 2009 Page 5 of 7
Not applicable for this product in its purchased form,
however, wood dust may cause nasal dryness,
irritation and obstruction. Coughing and sneezing;
sinusitis and prolonged colds have also been reported.
Wood dust, depending on species, may cause
respiratory sensitization and/or irritation. However,
gaseous formaldehyde may cause respiratory
difficulties for sensitized/allergic individuals.
Emergency and first aid procedures:
Flush eyes with large amounts of water. Remove to
fresh air. If irritation persists, get medical attention.
Wash affected areas with soap and water. Get
medical advice if rash or persistent irritation or
dermatitis occurs.
Although not applicable for this product in its
purchased form. However, if inhalation of bamboo
dust, remove to fresh air. Get medical advice if
persistent irritation, severe coughing or breathing
difficulty occurs.
Ingestion Not applicable under normal use.
Accidental Release Measures
Not applicable for product in purchased form. Dust
generated from sawing, sanding, drilling, or routing
of products may be vacuumed or shoveled for
recovery or disposal. Avoid dusty conditions and
provide good ventilation. A NIOSH-approved dust
respirator should be worn if dust exposure limits are
Handling and Storage
No special handling precautions are required for
products in purchased form. Keep in cool, dry place
away from open flame. This product will release
small quantities of gaseous formaldehyde (≤0.12
mg/m3, which is below the E1 classification in
accordance with EN 717-1:1998 test methods).
Store in well ventilated area.
MSDS Morning Star Strand Bamboo Flooring,
Revision 3, April 2009 Page 6 of 7
Personal Protective Equipment:
Respiratory Protection
Not applicable for product in purchased form. A
NIOSH-approved dust respirator is recommended
when allowable exposure limits are exceeded.
Protective Gloves
Not required. However, cloth, canvas, or leather
gloves are recommended to minimize potential
mechanical irritation slivers from handling and
machining product.
Eye Protection Not applicable for product in purchased form.
Goggles or safety glasses are recommended when
machining this product.
Other Protective Clothing or Equipments Not applicable for product in purchased form. Outer
garments may be desirable in extremely dusty areas.
Work/Hygiene Practices Follow good hygienic and housekeeping practices.
Clean up areas where wood dust settles to avoid
excessive accumulation of this combustible material.
Minimize blowdown or other practices that generate
high airborne-dust concentrations.
Local Exhaust Provide local exhaust as needed so that exposure
limits are met.
Special / other None
Disposal Consideration If disposed of or discarded in its purchased form,
incineration is preferable. Dry land disposal is
accepted in most states. It is, however, the user�s
responsibility to determine at the time of disposal
whether your product meets RCRA criteria for
hazardous waste. Follow applicable federal, state, and
local regulations.
Transport and Regulatory
Not regulated as hazardous material by the U.S
Department of Transportation and the Canadian
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG).
Not a controlled product by WHMIS

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If anyone is think to install Bamboo flooring �" please do NOT install:
sold by Home Depot and Rona it literally is about as durable as a Bamboo skewer.
The installer laid the floor and my 20 LB dog sat down and got up and she splintered and cracked the surface through the stain and the terrible finish (her nails are short)

When the Goodfellow rep came out to my home to inspect the flooring he was smug and rude telling me it is performing as it should. When I asked him about 2 other Goodfellow products he said they were GARBAGE.

Seriously - this is a terrible product and the company has the worst customer service in Calgary - AVOID!

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If you are buying click type flooring, buy a single case first and test it before you buy the rest. I had a carton of flooring that really smelled the other day. Then a different case that just did not lay flat (junk); it was actually springy. Then a case that looked great on the display panel but had RED boards in the mix. To get the case to look like the display board I would have to remove half the pieces. All went back. I sealed the returned cases perfectly; so the retailer did not have to discount a damaged carton. Nothing lost but my time.

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As a contractor/remodeler, we have many clients that ask about sourcing their wood flooring material at Lumber Liquidators. We will not install LL products, even if it cost us the job. Just way too many problems... Sometimes you just get what you pay for. My suggestion, don't skimp on the wood, use quality installation materials and find a good installer. Your installer should be able to point you to products that they have installed that they know to be trouble free. If you go with LL, you are just rolling the dice with your flooring $$$.

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Brought home a carton of Bamboo strand flooring from Lowes today to try the look. It is their brand new flooring, most expensive at $4.99 sq ft. Based on their computer it is brand new; one carton had been ordered..mine.

I love Lowes but this flooring made me sick within 3 hours. Wife pulled it up and reboxed it while I was sick in bed. Made we sick for almost 2 days even though it was boxed after 8 hours; fumes were still in the house. Will return it today.

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Wow! Duro Design is expensive.
What about Calibamboo?

Here is a link that might be useful: Calibamboo

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I would highly recommend TERAGREN Bamboo flooring. We have had it for 4 years now. It did not smell bad upon installation, and still looks like new. We have two small active dogs that run and jump off our sofa. It has held up very well. We to had a couple of small dents from dropping objects, and some light surface scratched from the dogs nails, but you have to expect some wear after 4 years. TERAGREN is FSC certified and had lower emissions. It costs a bit more, but you get what you pay for.

As for the MORNING STAR Bamboo we considered using it for a new home we are building because it is $2/ sq ft cheeper than the TERAGREN but I brought a sample piece home and the smell is HORRIBLE! It smells like poison. I couldn't imaging the small from large quantities. Plus I have read all the bad reviews above. No thanks, I'm sticking with TERAGREN because we have already used it and like it.

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we bought in summer of 2005 bamboo flooring from LL, we did buy the brand 'supreme bamboo' we had absolutly no problems with fumes. it looks to me that the morning star bamboo seems to have more problems ,even so it looks like it would be the higher quality bamboo. we really enjoying our supreme bamboo flooring, though it got some dents in all these years and yes it scratches. first i thought it would be much harder than it actually is. we glued it down and we do not have any water problems, bamboo is a high moisture wood/gras and should not warp.i mop my floor frequently, of course not having standing water on it , but getting it wet, it still is flat like the first day.

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First of all, I hate that this post is sooo long after you presented your problem. I'm a flooring inspector with 30 years in the flooring industry. Bamboo, a eco-friendly product, is very trendy now. This product is NOT a wood, it's actually a grass, and most of the bamboo products on the market are NOT as hard as Oak. The Janka hardness scale, the scale used to determine hardness in most species of hardwoods, is used specifically for HARDWOOD. The Bamboo associations make "claims" that bamboo is this percentage or that percentage harder than Oak...the operative word here being CLAIMS.
Also, Bamboo that is harvested too soon, before it's maturity (7 years)is going to be problematic. Look for the MOSO brand of Bamboo. If you live in a coastal region with relative high humidity; consider another choice as Bamboo is highly reactive to HUMIDITY-both low and high. It does scratch and dent easily and most finishers will NOT sand it when the time comes for you to have it refinished. When you can find a finisher who will sand it (and make sure the finisher is EXPERIENCED WITH BAMBOO), it will cost you a small fortune.
Lastly, I'm always called in when the problems arise...the best recommendations I can give anyone is to: research the product by googling COMPLAINTS ON "BAMBOO OR OTHER PRODUCT", google the retailer (very important, especially if they are a national chain like Lumber Liquidators)COMPLAINTS ON LUMBER LIQUIDATORS OR OTHER NATIONAL CHAIN, and once you have decided on a national chain or local retailer, find out about their installers/mechanics. Ask questions: How long have they been installing (if they have been installing less than 10 years, be careful...floor finishers-15 years; just my personal recommendations) Do they offer a workmanship warranty on their installation? Are their mechanic's covered by workman's comp and general liability? One last important note: check out the PRODUCT WARRANTY. This is so important because a lot of manufacturers DO NOT allow any claims for LABOR to remove or reinstall their products in failure; only MATERIAL REPLACEMENT. You can locate the Manufacturer's Warranty on their website, along with the Maintenance and Care recommendations for the product. Be advised: if you don't follow their care/maintenance procedures to the letter, it can negate the product warranty. Faulty installation can also negate the warranty!

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i had the same freaking problem. purchased morning star strand bamboo and it stinks bad and it does not go away. if anyone want to join me in a class action lawsuit please reply. LL knows about this issue and continues to sell the product and not tell consumers

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This is an interesting thread. We are shopping for bamboo flooring for our kitchen. We are extremely formaldehyde sensitive, and we believe it happened from some very low quality carpeting and pad we had installed in our basement and which stayed in our house a year. We have been very sensitive ever since. (So if you are having a problem, I suggest you take the flooring out sooner, rather than later. We kept thinking it would eventually get better, but it caused harm to our health. From what I understand, formaldehyde is also carcinogenic. I'm not a doctor, just a consumer who had a problem, so keep that in mind. I'm not giving professional advice.) Anyway, we are now very careful about what we buy. So, from what I am reading, I would be better off with the regular prefinished bamboo, and not the strand type? I brought home a sample of some strand bamboo, which advertised low offgassing, but I am a bit nervous now. The vendor also sells regular Teragren bamboo. I have a feeling that might be a better choice? Any advice is appreciated.

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I had no idea that this thread existed. I was not previously a member but joined up to post comments. I just ordered 1300sq ft of the morningstar strand qing cobra.

I also got a sample first. I have it here with me at work, so I did 2 tests on it after reading about some of the water issues....

First test, poured water on the top sheet and left the pool sit for 5 minutes. I wiped the water off, and there was no noticeable discoloration or softness of the wood. I dont believe the top coat is porous enough to allow it through.

Second test, poured water on the top sheet, and made effort to get some on the tung/groove areas, and bottom sheet. Left it for an hour and 30 mins and went to a meeting. I wiped it off again, top sheet was still fine, no discoloration or softness. The tung/groove area still felt hard, not maliable or soft. The bottom layer did look discolored like it had soaked up some of the water. I tried peeling on the bottom to reproduce some of the splintering issues that were presented before, but I could only get a strand or 2 to come up with my thumbnail.

Anyone having water issues must have either their animals peeing everywhere, windows leaking, or leaving water stand on it much longer than a reasonable period of time.

As for the odor, the sample i received doesnt smell too bad? Maybe when i get the whole load though, it will be more evident. More to follow...

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It is not hard to mess up urea formaldehyde (UF) gluing.

Low quality ingredients can make the problem worse.

There are a number of curing 'tricks' for UF.

Some chemical, some temperature.

A mistake anywhere along the line can result in excessive formaldehyde release from the material (and wet and warm can also cause release of formaldehyde, thus the reason UF is limited to indoor use mainly).

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please look at my post "bad bamboo floor odor from LL "Lumber Liquidators"

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Found this post too late! Just had it installed and yes it stinks. Anyone find any way to help disapate the smell or does it ever subside?

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We are having the same issue..
we had it installed at the end of last year and since then we have had tons of health issues.
still are having issues.

any word on possible litigation? Would it be a general lawsuite or just against one particular company?

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I was close to purchasing 1500sf of strand bamboo flooring from WELL known store that specializes in flooring. I actually did buy half and canceled the order after further investigation. Thank God I didn't take the floor with me otherwise I would have been charged a huge restocking fee. Anyway, I would like to share information I found so that if someone is on the fence with their decision to purchase strand bamboo flooring they can decide for themselves. As for me, I found out that based on the MSDS located on website of this well advertised flooring store that the strand bamboo is glued together with the use of urea formaldehyde (UF) resins. After reading the description on the MSDS downloaded FROM THE WEBSITE it will list clear as day that the strand bamboo is glued together with urea formaldehyde. After I was able to establish that as a fact I then did research on the use of urea formaldehyde as it relates to indoor air quality. Apparently it's used in multiple items that could be in a home but one must consider the elevated levels when potentially flooring an entire home with the stuff or the room that you would be sleeping in. Hence in my opinion the reason some people are having bad reactions to the stuff after getting it installed. Please visit this website . After reading the information about how urea formaldehyde can affect the indoor air quality I decided that IT WAS NOT FOR ME. I KNOW, not all bamboo flooring uses glue that is formaldehyde based. You will have to do the research and ask questions before buying but do not go on the words of the sales rep, read the MSDS. Granted, I would assume that depending on how much flooring is use would impact how much air quality would be affected but as stated I decided it was not worth the health of my family to find out. Not to mention the stuff isn't cheap by any means depending on how much flooring you need. I have no bones to pick with the store or the manufacturer but I think it's fair that everyone knows the facts. I can think of ten other businesses that sell or manufacture products that are questionable all in the effort to make a buck. My issue is putting a large amount of material in a living space that is potentially toxic to the health of human beings. I even told the customer service rep at the store when I was canceling my order with my concern of the glue used to bind the material containing urea formaldehyde and they said in a dismissive tone, 'the flooring does not have formaldehyde but...whatever.' The rep was the same rep that sold me the flooring may I add! My sole purpose for posting this info is to hopefully to inform someone but in the end it is still your decision. I hope that I was able to help make a difference in a positive way, God bless!!!

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Well guess what folks, after I made the post above.....the store altered the MSDS on the website which means my post got into the brain of someone at headquaters and had them thinking. What happens if more people view this on our website and we are stuck with all this flooring that no one wants to buy??? We better alter the MSDS so that it's not so obvious immediately and keep selling this stuff! Damn shame, damn shame! Whoever did that you must sleep well at night! You altered the information three days after my post went up. Although your MSDS still says the stand bamboo flooring contains formaldehyde it just doesn't say urea formaldehyde anymore and it's not as easy to find the info like it was before. On one hand it's good to know my post reached someone that high up in your company on the other hand innocent people are going to spend hundreds or thousands of their hard earned money, LIKE I ALMOST DID, buying something that I wouldn't take for free after finding out what it's made of. Think about the proud Mom or Dad or Mom and Dad that just installed all the urea formaldehyde glued flooring throughout the house and into the kids room not knowing what it could do to them, potentially.

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well, I was just reading all of this last night as a friend has had problems with fumes from her bamboo floor. When I went and googled today, look! I found a lawsuit against lumber liquidators by their own stockholders. and yes, it has to do with excessive levels of formaldehyde

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Thank you for this post! I have a sample of Morning Star bamboo from LL that I love, was about to buy it today! My son has asthma and I would never want formaldehyde in my home. THANK YOU!

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I would like to speak to people adversely affected by the wood fumes. I work for a firm interested in representing victims. Please contact me at 917/301-0430 or at

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We installed 720 sf of the Morning Star Click bamboo flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators in June of 2013. The material finish scratches easy, however, the scratches are the least of our problems. The cupping started with the shorter pieces in the hallways. By December 2013, the entire installation was cupping and gaps appeared in random areas. When LLI was contacted about the defects, we were informed that the condition was not covered under their warranty.
In reading the various reviews on independent sites for this product, it seems that there is a chronic problem with scratching, cupping and separations. Lumber Liquidators will use any excuse to avoid any liability for providing their customers with a very poor product.
Our first mistake in selecting our new floor was believing that the reviews on the LLI site were unbiased reviews. The product reviews on the LLI website are "selected" reviews. Gee....I wonder who selects them. Our second mistake was actually purchasing this product.
We will have to replace our six month old floor and it sure as heck will not be with a product supplied by Lumber Liquidators.
We learned a $5,000.00 lesson the hard way… don’t make the same mistake.
The LLI warranty should be condensed to read: “Warranty is void if material is removed from factory packaging”.

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Lumber Liquidators is the dollar store of retail flooring. I bought the Morning Star Bamboo and it's junk.
One of the reasons I bought this floor is because they advertise it being "green" can it be green if it has formaldehyde in it and emits toxic chemicals in to the air you breathe! So what are they saying? It's good for the enviorment but it may give you Cancer? Would you want your children playing or crawling on this floor? My husband and I have both experienced sore & dry throats and it has a very distinct smell. We were fine before this floor was installed. When I questioned LL about this issue their comment was "you shouldn't be experiencing any problems "NOW" because it is almost a year" since it was installed. I guess it does't matter if the toxins initially got into my system and causing us problems! And another thing to keep in mind, there was no indication on the labeling or the box saying it was formaldehyde compliant. This is in gross violation of The Formaldehyde Standards Act for Composite Wood Products that was put into law by President Obama in 2010.

After 2 months when this Morning Star Strand Bamboo was installed we started getting large gaps and separations that ran the whole perimeter of one wall. The installers came and repaired it and 3 months later it happened again. Called LL and they sent out one of "their " inspectors....what a joke this guy was. We went by all the guidelines, bought a humidifier, meter,....the works!
Literally baby sat this floor.....which is totally ridiculous but we did it and this guy still found fault. I have come to the conclusion it really doesn't matter what you do because they will find a reason to blame you or the installer. They have a nice little racket going on. And their 30 warranty......doesn't mean diddley squat!
That's even a bigger joke! All I can say is don't let their low prices fool you. If you buy from them and have a problem it will be the biggest headache of your life.
Just read the reviews because they are telling you the truth....I know, because I was one of their victims. If you are reading this and decide not to buy their products then you are one of the lucky ones!

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I bought the Bamboo Clik Flooring, installed about 50 boxes, about 800 sq ft. After over a year of off-gassing it still stinks - pungent odour. Rona will do nothing!! They say there is no MSDS sheet for this product. I wonder why!!!!
Rona is pathetic!! I expected any odour would have been gone long ago but it has not disappeared. This product appears to be Very Toxic - Do Not Buy and do not expect any support from Rona after they have your money!!! Rona - in Canada.

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We installed about 700 sq ft of the LL Morning Star bamboo. It did have an odor to it initially, but has subsided over time. No odor problem now.

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We had Morning Star Bamboo installed approx 3 months ago and noticed the smell. My entire family has been complaining of burning eyes, headaches and I've had severe respiratory issues. I'm very worried about this floorings affect on my family. We can't afford to replace it or move out but it's obviously causing us health issues. At this point I don't know what to do but I'm 100% sure it's this flooring. The whole air quality in our home has changed for the worse since installing these floors!!!

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Has anyone had Morningstar strand bamboo tested for formaldehyde levels? It's an expensive test, and I would like to know if it's been done before I spend the money. I live in California.

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