Should Engineered Wood Floors Acclimate to Room Conditions?

gilmoregalNovember 23, 2009

We are scheduled to have Mohawk Antiquity Santa Barbara engineered wood installed in our family room and living room next month. We chose to purchase from a small, established flooring store because we felt that they would know their products and hopefully do a more professional job than the giant home center stores. However, the store owner says that this type of flooring does not need to acclimate to the temperature conditions of our rooms, so they plan to bring it on the morning of installation. Does this sound right? I was under the impression that all wood flooring needed to acclimate, so it concerns me that the store owner insists this does not need to be done. We are spending too much money to risk unnecessary mistakes....

Would appreciate your opinions/feedback. Thanks!

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There are some now that do not require acclimation. Shaw epic series engineered are not manufacturer required. I do not believe it is unreasonable to ask the flooring store to bring the wood 1 week prior to install. They will accommodate you if they are truly a good store. Explain to him that you will feel much better if they do.

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acclimation is the norm. How was the material stored? In the store unheated whse or in the back of a truck? Are they planning to show you the moisture content of the wood upon delivery? Will they put in writing no acclimation is needed? My question is simple as if there were a problem down the line the Mfctr first 'out' would be improper installation. Perhaps Shaw state no acclimation is needed but I highly doubt that.

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Boxers, I respect you a lot. Argue with me on Shaw and you lose. Just like I will never argue with you on Smartstrand. Shaws, engineered products specifically states they do not need acclimation.. epic series and some others. The reason is the use a different styled high density core with their wood engineered products. Not laminate mind you, Engineered hardwood. They use a different style inner core, supposedly greener than Mohawks...this product does not require acclimation of any type. FYI their laminates do not require acclimation either and yours all do. I am a big time Shaw store..biggest in Central PA and sell a ton of Shaw. And Mohawk for that matter...I simply was stating this is where maybe the store is coming from, however..I will still ask for acclimation. my store acclimate for 1 week whether it is required or not. I like and respect your thoughts though boxers as we are almost always on the same page. I can tell you take it serious and so do I. I wish had you for a Mohawk rep as we would do some business. Thanks

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no argument; thats why I asked if Shaw specifically states no acclimation is needed. If thats true I wouldn't disagree. As a factory rep I often had to go out and look at problems customer had with their floors so I try to avoid the issues going in. Also and you've been around these boards for a bit people take a comment and apply it to every engineered products so I hate generalizations. Most advice is generic across brands but there are always exceptions as you pointed out. No offense taken.

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Food for thought.... I have installed a lot of Shaw hardwood and laminates. One day I was installing one of their laminate products that states " no acclimation". I had a problem with the butt joints and called the rep on his cellphone and explained my problem. His first question was "did you acclimate it" ? LOL

I always, always, always acclimate.

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I appreciate all of you taking time to respond. I contacted Mohawk about acclimation on the Santa Barbara engineered hardwood flooring. The customer service representative read me (and also sent me) the installation instructions which state:
"Mohawk Industries recommends but does not require the acclimation of all its engineered hardwood products before installation, under normal conditions." It goes on to define normal conditions as 60-80 degrees and 35-60% humidity. I told her that I would prefer not to take any chances on warranty problems so would ask the store owner to acclimate it. She told me that it really would not matter, because the warranty excludes anything determined to be caused by 'jobsite conditions'.

So it sounds like any 'issues' that might arise will have to be settled with the flooring store owner.... Think I will go to the store today and find out how he stores the product.

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Any warrant claim 'starts' with the end user, namely you, and then proceeds to the installer/dealer, distributor (if any), the manufacturer's rep and then to the manufacturer directly. At least that has been my experience.

You are wise to ask how the product is stored.

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As an installer of 22 years, i have now twice walked off jobs for lack of acclimation,once because the shop delivered the day before the install, and another because of the way in which it was stored in the shop. Ill respective of what the manufacture says to get shops to push their product, you can't beet physics, the thermal pressures on a product with sheer force in excess of tinsel strength creates produces a ratio that is unwarranted when acclimation is procurable.

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I just picked up 35 boxes of Mohawk's Santa Barbara Antiquity flooring in Light Amber Maple. The box states, " This package should be opened, and the flooring spread out and stored at the installation site for at least 72 hours prior to installation. Your job site should have a consistent room temperature between 60 and 80 degrees F and relative humidity between 40 and 55%."

Hope that helps. I am about to start my own thread about this product..

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