ceiling versus floor vents

newbie21February 15, 2013

Is there a difference in efficiency between floor versus ceiling vents.

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I don't think it matters much on the first floor of a 2 story house which has 8 foot ceilings. Floor vents are in a better position for heating since warm air rises. Ceiling vents are better for cooling since cool air drops to the floor.

The situation I think it does matter is on the second floor when the vents are in positioned between the attic floor and ceiling. You may get cold air drafts from the vents and air return. I think this set up is energy inefficient.

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it is dependent upon where the hvac system
& ducts will be located.

crawlspace, basement are floor installs

attic is ceiling install.

where are you locating heating system & ducts?

best of luck.

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Thanks energy rater, the jury is still out one unit will be in the attic, not sure wether the second heating system will be in our crawl space, or in our basement, or even it may also be in the attic.

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this is a conversation you should be in on.
putting the system & ducts in extreme hot/cold
attic will effect performance.
putting it in a crawlspace will make access
difficult & service a pita.
if ducts aren't well attached & well mastic
sealed in either of these locations it
is a problem the homeowner ..you..
will deal with. builder & hvac will be long
gone. warranty on hvac is for equipment only.
ducts sucking in attic or crawlspace air
cost you, the person living in the house.

have a conversation with whoever
stay involved. builders go on to the next
house, you will live there & pay the bills.

best of luck

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A lot of this depends on where your air ducts will be and how your home is laid out. Many times you have no choice whether or not they are on the top or bottom. Another thing to take into consideration, and this is something many people have commented already is that hot air rises and cool air falls. If you live somewhere where it is hot most of the year, I would say try and put them on the bottom, if you live somewhere cold most of the time, bottom vents work best.

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I have been in a very limited number of homes that have supplies in the walls and there are high and low positions in at each point. I suspect that the high ones are supposed to be closed in winter and the low ones in summer. If you can do it that way it will probably work best, but cost more.

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