Laminate Flooring on concrete slab?

mowerman1193November 13, 2012

My house was built in 1964. I am wanting to update all my flooring and like the idea of wood laminate flooring, but not sure if that is best for a concrete slab floor..I do have one corner in a bedroom that gets damp ( mostly only if the gutter gets clogged ).

Also would like to put down some sort of insulation if that is possible? I have had a lot of people claim that I need to use the Dry-cor sub-floor..But then I have heard that the dry-cor can create a mold issue it moisture gets in as it cannot get air to get dried out??

This house started out as a basement that never got finished and now has a normal pitch roof on it..The walls are cinder block up to about guessing 3-4 foot from the slab floor.

Anyway what would be the best options for new flooring that is not freezing on your feet when I get out of bed in the morning..

At this point we mostly have linoleum other than 3 rooms that are carpet..Due to allergies I would like to do away with carpets and just have the laminate flooring.

Sorry for all the rambling, LOL


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I didn't run laminate throughout, but at the point you're talking about, I laid 1x6 oak. You could do the same thing, and cut it on a table saw to fit over your laminate.

Can't figure out how to upload more than one picture @ a time, so I will post another picture of what I did with 1x4 oak for the transition strips I put for the dining room, kitchen, & at the patio door.

You have to put more effort in it than just cutting a transition strip to size, but the results are well worth it.

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A picture of the oak transition.

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Oh boy, sorry, replied to wrong thread!

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I just laid 1200 sq ft of laminate over my concrete slab. I used a good underlayment with an overlapping moisture barrier to keep any moisture from reaching the laminate.

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