Can we talk 'Water Closet' Tissue?

sherilynnJune 1, 2006

I know, I know. What a subject! But really, this is life changing for me. Please share you success with choosing the "right" tissue.

My situation is this: we have five commodes. When I purchase TP tissue, it's an event. I usually buy at least two huge packs at Sam's Club and store as much as we can under each counter. I don't like buying bulky items anyway. The operators of these vessels are wasteful. The most success for the masses with the least complaints about itching or fragrance problems or 'residual' residue has been Scott Tissue, single panel, 1,000 sheets per roll brand. This has been the tissue of choice for many, many years now. I also like not having to change a roll every 16 hours. This stuff in the past has been great.

Well, the company has changed the product. It's no longer smooth, it's now 'embossed' and much thinner; it begins disintegrating upon contact of moisture. It's like RV TP tissue. I hate it. I just hate it. My kiddos hate it. Even DH who doesn't usually give a care about such things as TP tissue hates it, too.

I've called the company and they took down the number inside the TP roll. The representative admitted they have "changed their machines", but its more than that. I know. This is worse than using the cheap Pom-Pom paper you can buy in bulk.

What I donÂt know is what weÂre going to use next, any suggestions? We have posteriors sensitive to fragrance, so it has to be perfume free.

Thank you for suffering through our dilemma.

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Have you tried the Marcal 1000 sheets per roll to see how it compares to Scott? We're still working our way through a 24 pack of Scotts so I haven't encountered the horror of the new stuff yet, though I'll swear that they still make the original, smooth sheets in addition to the embossed "extra soft" ones.

While I was pregnant I thought I'd "treat" myself to some Cottonelle. Aside from having to replace the roll every other day, this stuff was linty as anything. Back to Scott we went. OK, I'll admit that I did get sucked in & buy some of Cottonelle's "training" toilet paper a few weeks ago because it had paw prints all over it. A pain to tear & thin ta boot, not to mention expensive (but I had a coupon so it wasn't a costly waste of paper).

Happy hunting!


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I grew up on Scotts, and continue to this day. It's so much more economical and I just like it better. The kids don't really like it, but only complain when they're at someone else's house who uses Cottenelle or *egads* Charmin! I just bought a 24 pack from Costco or BJs last week, and I didn't notice any difference. Definitely not embossed, but I DID notice that they make a new, softer variety. Maybe that's what you bought unknowingly, because I almost did. Please keep us posted.

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The last time I tried to economize and buy a mega pack of Scott I swear the sheets were thinner. Dh noticed it too. Since then I only buy the 4-packs (of the original stuff, not that new "extra soft") and it's like old times. Think it's possible they package a different version to make you think you're getting a bargain?


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That is SO funny, sherilyn! I thought I was the only one who noticed that! When I went to get my last batch of Scott's, I actually got to the checkout and thought I got the wrong kind, went back to the shelf and didn't see any of the old stuff. I thought it was the store that switched "types" not the manufacturer. I'm still using it and it doesn't seem that different to me.

Before I switched to Scott, I was using Charmin Ultra. Yes, it's a little linty but you really needed to use less, and it doesn't tear to shreds when using it. I was all "Charmin Ultra" and one day (I think the store was out) I decided to try Scott and the one thing that really impressed me was the lack of the need to double flush when you've used just a little too much paper. Charmin was terrible for that--anything beyond a "single use" and you'd have to double flush to get it to go.

Can't believe we're talking about this, but at least I'm not the only one who thinks about that kind of thing! :)

Like I said tho, I'm not disappointed in the "new" Scott ones. I've used recycled unbleached paper TP, and once you've tried that, anything's better!

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It's so funny that you posted this. We're in the 'testing' phase right now trying to find a new tp. I've bought the Costco brand for ages but after having visited at friends' homes, decided I could do better for our house. We've completed our test of Cottonelle - I liked the thickness, but as others noted, it's a short roll and can be linty. Now we're trying one of the new Charmin offerings. It seems okay, not stellar, and I'm not really a fan of two-ply.

I am still thinking I will try Quilted Northern, Scott, and Angel Soft. For me, I don't mind buying the 24-paks, but I want the rolls inside to be wrapped in some way - either individually or in 4- or 6-paks; I somehow like the idea that the tp won't get dusty waiting for me to use the last roll. I really don't want to get involved with any 'mega' rolls -It just seems like it's not that big of a deal to change the roll, but I live in a house with two adults.

I'll be interested to read what others have to say.

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OK... I have checked every bathroom. I am absolutely POSITIVE that this is not the new "double sheets, softer" version of Scott's. This stuff I'm complaining about are the single sheets that have now changed. Since the only brand I buy is Scott's at this time, there are definite differences in the old, new, and maybe some "test runs" or something they're doing. I called my sister and compared her Scott's tissue she bought at Publix here in North Florida. Her Scott tissue has embossed little squares. She buys NOTHING but Scott's, too! The kind I bought at Sam's Club with about 40 rolls or so (I'm not sure how much) have individually wrapped rolls and have tiny embossed zig-zags on a SINGLE sheet.

I actually found an older roll under a cabinet that I should keep for a bit. This is a smooth, tightly wound roll and stronger than this new stuff by far.

I buy Scott's at two locations: the commissary (military) and Sam's. The commissary has individual rolls that are unwrapped and "smooth" but not as smooth as the older version with no embossing and is now thinner.

My sister just bought her TP tissue and is going to pay attention to how it does at her house. Right off the bat she said, "You know, I thought this paper looked cheaper and didn't feel right." Well, it's not right.

I hate it. If it weren't so doggone much trouble, I'd round this sorry paper up and tote it back to the store.

As for Cottonelle: my SIL uses it and she has tissue dust everywhere around her dispenser.

My parents use Charmin because it comes fragrance free. I'm still reeling from that mess when it had fragrance and can't purchase it.

As for Marcal. I've not tried it in a while. Might have to check that one out.

Please let me know how your experiences are with your TP tissue. I hate trying new paper. This is about as irritating as Coca-Cola going off the market when I was pregnant and they came out with "New Coke"! I have hated that company ever since. And where is that "New Coke" today??? I'm a Pepsi gal now.

(I didn't realize I could hold a grudge this long!)

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Scotts is the only brand I will buy. The rolls I have here are smooth, not embossed. I will have to look out for that.

And please, no colored paper. Although I would use one with a Yankee's logo on it. :)

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sherilynn, I too have noticed a change in the Scott tissue, but I started buying it in bulk at Costco, so perhaps harper's theory was right.

I tried the Charmin Ultra (again bought in bulk from Costco). It's too thick, linty and completely disintegrates.

I have since bought Angel Soft, just because it was on sale in the display was right in front of me, so I tried it. It's been OK, not too thick, can handle the task at hand and doesn't seem to clog the toilets. I am still going to try other brands just to compare, but so far, I like the Angel Soft.

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Harper, the 12-packs of the Scotts from the commissary is definitely 'cheaper' and thinner than the original, even though it is not embossed. There is a world class difference in the quality.

On the bonanza packages from Sam's that are individually wrapped, I noticed last night that it does say on the outside of the package "Safe for RV's and Septic tanks"; I've not noticed that on other Scott tissue. Anyway you look at it, this IS the same way I've always bought it and the product has changed. It's like they're trying to 'see' if America notices and they can make that cheaper stuff.

The stealth subterfuge is disintergrating trust faster than it does on my fanny.

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sherilynn, I have nothing to add to the TP debate, but I feel your pain on the 'New Coke' issue. I know that deep in your heart of hearts, being a southern woman, you are a Coke drinker through and through, and any dissatisfaction with your life or toilet paper can probably be traced to your having to drink Pepsi.

I've been there, and offer a solution...

Mexican grocery stores, or local chains that serve a substantial hispanic population probably stock Mexican Coca-Cola in individual half-liter bottles. It is made with real sugar- not sucrose, fructose or any of that other crap.

Ice one of those babies down and drink it on the porch and tell me you're not in seventh heaven. It's the Coke of our youth and it's like going home.

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Sherilynn, buy a 4-pack of Scott and see if you think it's the same product. And keep one of those from the 12-pack to compare.


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I just checked my Scott TP...I ususally buy it in the 12 or 20 pack when it is on sale at Target...The roll in my bathroom is the old smooth stuff--the kids bathroom has the tiny embossed rectangles...

I need to go use the kids bathroom and see the difference in quality...

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My sister has embossed squares, mine is embossed zig-zags or 'w's', and you see embossed rectangles?

I am starting to believe that there is some kind of clandestine test marketing going on here. It's not like they can grab test subjects in the mall and ask them to wipe their posteriors. It's not a reality test...

Living with the collection of residual properties from this stuff at our house is unreal. I'll tell you how unreal, too. You won't believe it. I only wash t-shirts, bras, and underwear together. I won't even wash socks in the same laundry I wash undergarments. I notice anything in our six family member's briefs. I noticed the two girls wear first because they have bright colored briefs. I had to grab my glasses because I was concerned about "what" those little lines in their underwear were. It was tissue! I pulled the white briefs...and sho' 'nuff! They, too, had deposits. I then brought it up at dinner. (Not a good time, but we were all at one location at the same time.) Everyone had their own story. My kiddos even pointed out that they noticed that I seemed to be repositioning myself several times. It was no wonder! I had that debris in my briefs, too.

So, that is how we discerned our problems. My son, told me that he noticed something on hisself and thought he had pinworms. (I'm always after him for washing his hands...and he thought he really got something this time!) Any who, he never mentioned it to me until I brought it up. He thought secondly that he was wiping too hard or something.

Now, don't you feel like you know us better? I think I'll try to find one of those old fashioned sodas. What would really be a winner if I could find a Diet Double Cola.

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sherrilynn--now you've got me going...

I checked the downstairs bath and now we have ALL THREE kinds! I'll admit the rectangles could be squares--they are tiny, though, and hard to see off the roll. the zig-zags? mine seem to be lines of dots, in some sort of basket weave...

The actual weight of the paper seems the same to me on all three samples---I think the ones that are embossed just disintegrate along the lines easier?? I think that overall, the thickness of the paper has been reduced in the past few years, though...I've been using Scott all my life

I know what you mean about those little tp "worms"...ew....

time for a call to Scott??

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Ok...instead of zig-zags, you could say basket weave of some type. I know my sister said her squares were definitely squares and not dotted lines, like mine. (The "lines" are made with tiny dots into a pattern.)

I've called Scott Tissue Company. Have your rolls in hand when you call. Nothing will change unless we complain.

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Wow, so many Scott devotees. Who knew.

Quilted Northern here. Just by habit and that it is on sale every other week and comes in 12 pack double rolls.

LOL Sue36 on the Yankees TP!

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There are a few brands that have 600-sheet rolls. That's about right - the 1000-sheet rolls are too harsh and thin, the 400- or less sheet rolls don't last long enough. Northern has a "triple roll" of that size, and I think Scott just started selling them although I haven't bought any yet. I prefer non-quilted and non-scented, but it's not a big deal for me.

And while I never thought I'd consider buying anything with a Yankees logo on it, it might be fun using Yankees toilet paper.

Go Red Sox!

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Well we got our Yankees toilet paper rubbed in our faces last night, didn't we Sox fans??

oops, back on topic, I use Quilted Northern too. I need in-between Scotts and Charmin, which I find overly perfumed/linty. It even irritates my nasal passages.

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I want you to know that I received a letter from Kimberly-Clark today with an apology for my disappointment with their product and three $5.00 coupons ($15.00 total) toward any of their products on the coupon. There are like 20 different products from diapers to Cottonelle tissue, but not Scotts!

If you're not happy, call the 1 800 number on the package. =)

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Another Scott user here. They have definitely changed the paper. I'll be calling them.

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I find the CVS brand 1000-sheet rolls to be alot like the old Scotts, as best I remember (don't pay that much attention to toilet paper. Until I run out!)

Whilst shopping at the Mexican/Latino grocer, pick up a bag of Ariel laundry detergent. Still has phosphates in it, which make all the world of difference cleaning blood or sweat-based stains on clothing or bed sheets. Smelsl nice too. This is different than the boxed Ariel sold at Wal-Mart and elsewhere in boxes intended for U.S. sale.

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My MIL lives in Phoenix and travels to Mexico for soap and medicines. She bought me these large bars of laundry soap called Don Maximo in a blue, red, and white wrapper. (I think made by Protor and Gamble.) This soap is FANTABULOUS for cleaning clothes. Just rub on dirty sock, grass stains, blood, etc...and the item is like brand new. It's amazing. She bought me a dozen bars about 10 years ago and I think I have three left after giving away a bar or two. You don't need much and they do not do the bar soap melt down if you keep them dry until needed. I rub a little on an item then use the 'wash board' ribbed area on my laundry tub, rinse, then redo if needed, then regular wash the item. Wonderful stuff.

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sherilynn, how would a lowly canadian get a hold of some of this soap? is it anything like Sunlight bar soap?

Do you know if there's a reputable Mexican online store we can order from?

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lobotome, I checked ebay and you will not believe this, someone has a bar for sale. My wrapper doesn't have a picture for a man, but he's on this one. It says it's an old bar, but that wouldn't bother me one single bit.

Worse case, maybe you could write my mother in law and tell her I was praising the soap. She may send you a bar. I'd ask her, but... can't.

Check this out.

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Hey isn't that MrClean on that bar? LOL

thanks for the info sherilynn. I don't think I want to write to your mom in law, maybe I should bug my brother in law who lives in Mexico to send me some. Too bad I don't have his address and he comes out on surprise visits only... wish he'd announce his pending arrivals.

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Charmin Ultra is too linty for me. I recently tried the Member's Mark Premium tissue at Sam's and was super happy with it. I prefer it to Northern and Cottonelle Ultra.

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that Don Maximo sounds perfect for my children's clothes!
My husband is going to Mexico next week, I'll have him look for some...I think he'll need an extra bag now as he's all ready stocking up on their coffee....YUM!

Oh and Quilted Northern users here, at my husbands request. For some reason he has a fascination with it...whatever!!

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You guys are scaring me with your need for detergent that handles blood stains:)

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TP was a big issue for us when we first got married. I like and still use, white Cottonelle. DH uses whatever is on sale in his bathroom.

Be careful with colored tissue as the dye can sometimes cause allergic reactions.

As far as Mexican products, sometimes you can find them in the small Mexican Markets. We have several in our area and I am going to check for the Maximo Soap as it sounds great.

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I found the toilet paper that I like finally. My sister in law uses Kleenex brand TP and I like it. No it's not soft or linty. It's down to business TP that has enough "grip" to clean properly and doesn't leave anything behind (Oh boy these puns!) And I saw that's it's only 1 ply as well. From now on that's the TP I'm getting... I don't like soft TP that falls appart in your hands such as cottonelle. Purex brand is OK (what I'd been using), but not as nice as Kleenex brand.

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sherilynn, in your talk with the Scott Co. did they say if there is a way to buy the old orig. Scott TP? I haven't yet found a TP that compares to the old Scott.

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Mom was a Scotts girl, and so is her daugther ;) I noticed the "new" paper last week, and thought I was imagining things...

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eandhl, no. I inquired as to the different design patterns, which they then said they had new machines as their excuse for changing the paper; and they were interested in my specific design complaints, which was about all patterns!

Unfortunately, I've now had opportunity to try out just about everything. I will concede that Charmin, plain, double thickness paper seems to be holding up it's end of the bargain without 't-p worm debris' left on your derriere. You almost have to not take too much paper because of the thickness. Everyone in our house is happier with this than the Scott's on any day.

So, that's the end of the line for us. Scott's may never get the chance with us to switch back should they decide to return to it's original formula.

How's it going for everyone else searching for the perfect paper?


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This is such a funny thread...I read it a few weeks ago, and when in need of some new toilet paper, I decided to buy Scott's since it has gotten such good press on this thread. Well, I'm sorry to report - this stuff reminds me of the toilet paper they put in public park bathrooms - so thin you need to use two yards of it! We'll use up this 12 roll pack, but it's back to Cottonelle or Great Northern for me...Charmin is linty and too thick, but geez, Scott's is SOOO thin it's almost ridiculous!

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Well, I have to tell you, since I first posted this thread, have you noticed how the Charmin and Scott papers have all changed? These companies KNOW they've been messing with us. Why? To keep our eyes off the shortening of the rolls of paper and to do the "coke" marketing plan: come out with different versions of the same product. I'm sick of it. We're buying both Angel Soft and the Charmin Ultra the red package. I'm still sick of how Scott ditched their good paper for the crappy RV stuff.

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It is so funny that you bumped this post as yesterday I had a very long conversation with the woman at the grocery store who orders the TP. She said she personally buys Scotts, so maybe they have gone back to the old formula?

I stated that I just want the regular TP of old, not extra soft or extra strong or extra wide or anything but regular! It turns out Charmin has just introduced a product that seems to be exactly that! It is called Charmin Basic.

I bought it and it seems very much like the regular TP that seems impossible to find anymore. I think this may be our family brand for a while, although I will have to wait till dinnertime to poll everyone else's experiences with it ;-).


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It's actually agonizing to go through all the brands, sizes, prices, and come out with any semblance of sanity....but....I did it!!!

Angel Soft Mega Roll, if you can find it, is the best deal for the money. It doesn't disintegrate when you touch it, doesn't clog the toilet, lasts forever per roll, and is usually very competitive pricewise. Plain and simple, take your total square footage per package (not per roll) and divide your price by that amount.

9 times out of 10..Angel Soft's mega roll will end up cheaper per square foot, and it seem to be in the middle to upper range in quality overall.

Just my two cents worth!

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I know the last post is over month old, but I just had to put in my "two cents". Heh. I really hate using Angel Soft. That's what my grandmother always has and I try to avoid using the bathroom at her house.

I love me some Charmin. Anything else, and I have an unhappy derrière.

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I'm a Kirkland Signature gal ;-)
(Costco's house brand)
We bought it initially because it was inexpensive but appeared to be a good product and we've always had good luck with Kirkland stuff. We then tried Charmin when Costco had it on sale, but realized we actually liked the Kirkland paper better.

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Anyone notice the commercial with the bear having bits of TP left behind? Apparently there are a lot of us "unhappy with the new TP's". Still wishing they would go back to the old scott.

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I'm chuckling over this thread because I've been thinking about toilet paper lately, too. Thought I was the only one!

We've always bought Charmin and never gave it a second thought. Recently my brother told me he had started picking up Charmin at Costco (guess he was buying the house brand, previously). Anyway, after 3 months of using Charmin he ended up with horribly clogged pipes (he has a very old house with very old plumbing). The Charmin is so strong that it really doesn't dissolve easily, I guess. He immediately switched back to the Kirkland brand.

This made me nervous because we have an old house as well, so I started looking on-line and found lots of people had the same problem w/ Charmin. Who knew? I'm thinking I'd better find a new brand. Maybe I'll give the Kirkland brand a try.

Never thought I'd be thinking so much about toilet paper! ;-)

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Can you believe it's been almost two years since I posted this note? We are using the Charmin strong in the mega roll for the down stairs bathrooms (3) and the Charmin soft upstairs (2) bathrooms. The soft is still too soft and strong is too strong. Sigh.

I have also purchased Angel Soft, which is OK.

I just want all of this to be over with and be able to buy what I want: the OLD SCOTT TP PAPER!

Anyone have pull with Scott? :)

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It's amazing how this thread has struck a common note. We're a Charmin' family, although that pipe-clogging comment has me nervous. DH and I had toilet paper wars after we got married. He didn't appreciate the difference! Then, he decided he wanted to use recycled tp. That didn't go over well, either. For a while we had his and hers bathrooms just because we couldn't agree on the tp! (I always told my girlfriends to use my bathroom, and they completely agreed with me on the difference.) Finally I bullied the poor man into toilet paper submission.

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Quilted Northern family here!

Charmin is too perfume-y and breaks up too easily and Scotts is too harsh. I don't remember why I don't like Cottonelle, maybe it was too linty as others have said. But, even Northern is somewhat linty.

Cate LOL on your TP battle! When we were married our TP battle was how the roll was put on! My DH likes it rolling off from the top/front and I liked it rolling off from the back/bottom. We also had his & hers bathrooms in our townhouse with our own rolls! When we bought our single family house w/the MBA, I figured it wasn't worth arguing over so I acquiesced and did it his way...considering how many things he changed for me, I figured I'd give him this one!

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I've always used Northern, but I'm thinking they pulled the "Scott number", as the last batch or so (bulk from Costco) has been horrible. It breaks down and is very linty :(

I'm finally almost out, so I'll be trying something new. I hate to try a new brand in bulk, (what if we don't like it?) but we live an hour away from the store. I'll be on a mission tomorrow!!!!

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Sheri, I miss the old Scott's too. But I hate soft linty paper, and I also want a paper that dissolves well in the pipes. I don't know what else to try.

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My first choice is Kirkland Signature.

My second choice is Angel Soft.

I need a paper that won't disingrate on contact (ew), is still soft, and won't clog the toilet. The above are the only two that do that for me.

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After the exchange of correspondence (below) with Kimberly-Clark/Scott, I decided to Google around to discover if anyone else had noted a change in white Scott Tissue. This thread and several other spots around the web demonstrate rather clearly there was not quite the thundering demand for change in the product implied by the note from K-C/Scott. Rather, the change seems to have landed with more thud than thunder.

Judging by the date on this thread's original post (2006), it appears likely that Scott eased the "new and improved" Scott Tissue into the marketplace by stages: in 2009, it has only just arrived in our area. In fact, so recent is the changeover, we still had a partial roll of the original Scott Tissue from a previous 12-pak when we bought the 12-pak discussed in our note below.

The comments made in this thread and elsewhere on the web prove what I, a hapless marketing peon who takes orders from on high :-), have always believed. Executive management often commission "studies", focus groups, and marketing research that will merely support the decision they are already inclined toward.

::::::::::::::::::What follows is the We Said/They Said: wrote:

Sent: 7/18/2009 10:30 CDT

Subject: Scott Tissue Product Quality

Dear Sirs:

Our family have never purchased any toilet paper except white Scott Tissue. On sale or at its regular price, we use it and prefer it over any other brand. Therefore, when there are any changes to the product, however subtle, we NOTICE.

Recently, we purchased a 12-pak of Scott Tissue "1000 sheets per roll", SKU 0 54000 42120 4, and from the first roll, we unhappily discovered you appear to have changed the tissue's formula and/or manufacturing process. The rolls in this package strongly resemble "soft" tissue both in appearance and behaviour. I.e., the sheets are uniformly perforated throughout, rather than smooth; the paper's finish, rather than the familiar "semi-gloss" finish, now looks "suede-y"; rather than absorb a small amount of moisture -- as when dabbing a child's teary face or applying astringent -- it seems to shread and "melt" in one's hand; and worst of all, THIS PAPER PILLS. One of the principal reasons we have preferred Scott Tissue all these years was because it did not pill.

To sum up, we don't know what changes you've made to Scott Tissue or why, but we are not happy about it. We're only three rolls into this 12-pack and this afternoon, we're going to shop for an alternative and donate the remainder of the package to a local shelter. We look forward to your reply and an explanation. If, as we hope, this 12-pack is part of an aberrant manufacturing run, we will continue to be lifelong customers. However, if this change is permanent, it stops with us.

Sincerely, XX


Kimberly-Clark Corporation's Reply Ref#0xxxxx46A-KDK
Monday, July 20, 2009 6:45 PM



Dear XX,

Thanks for your e-mail about your experience with SCOTT® bathroom tissue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We certainly do not want the quality of our products to disappoint our loyal customers, and we are sorry if that was the case with your purchase of SCOTT bathroom tissue. Because of all the precautions taken, incidents such as you reported happen rarely, and we hope that you will accept our apology. Please be assured that we will do our best to determine what happened so steps can be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Also, the new embossed sheet on SCOTT® 1000 bathroom tissue was extensively tested with consumers before it was introduced to the market. Consumer research indicated that the embossed sheet enhanced softness, thickness, and overall product quality. Although consumers preferred this new sheet, we are sorry that you were disappointed. You can be sure that we will share your comments with those involved.

We hope that you will consider trying SCOTT bathroom tissue again and are sending you a coupon for a complimentary supply. Thanks again for your e-mail and for giving us an opportunity to make amends.

Consumer Services
Kimberly-Clark Corp.


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Well, smart money, I'm not surprised one bit at the Kimberly-Clark Corp. response. Apparently, they are not listening and they certainly will not get my business back for Scott's paper unless they send me free samples to try because I'm not spending another red cent on their toilet paper.

Charmin Mega Roll Ultra Strong, Red Package paper is the winner in our house. I *occasionally* pick up a package of Angel Soft Mega Roll, which is about 2/3 the cost of the Charmin Ultra Strong product. The Angel soft pills and I don't like it; the kids do. I let them use it upstairs in their two bathrooms, but not when we have company that may use their bathroom. It does not feel anywhere as nice as the Charmin either. The three bathrooms downstairs have Charmin 99.5% of the time. I have five bathrooms, so I always buy the Mega rolls because I hate to change the rolls.

I also put in Toto commodes which seem to have a wider throat and are super strong flushing. I think I could flush a tennis ball down our commodes, so I'm not worried about paper, or anything really, getting stuck in them. Now, I "have" heard my husband a time or the water closet with a plunging issue. Which I am POSITIVE and **know** his ridiculously wasteful habits with toilet paper, and am SURE had nothing to do with with a *normal* movement and usage issue, but more with a EXCESSIVE PAPER WASTE, THAN HUMAN WASTE. (Wow, that was gross.)

And I never could find paper by Kirkland in our neck of the woods.

Thanks for letting us know what Scott's had to say and for hearing that they're just changing paper in your part of the country.... which is what?

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Sherilynn, Kirkland is Costco's house brand, only at Costco stores.

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Charmin Ultra Strong, all the way baby. That stuff is soft, and strong, no pilling etc. My mother always bought mega-sized packages of recycled toilet paper that was *terrible*. I swore when I grew up I was gonna buy the good stuff and tested out different toilet papers from the day I moved out. Charmin was the butt deserves it :)

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OMG.... I thought it was just me! Pilling.... YES! And not nice, either!

OK... I'll try Charmin and see what that does for me....

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I come back here after 2 years, and what do I see??? The TP issue still on the first page, and even the OP is still around,LOL!

"Mega Roll Ultra Strong, Red Package paper is the winner in our house."

Sherilyn, I think your family and mine are on the same wavelength! I was using Charmin Ultra exclusively after the Scott's switch, and then they came out with the Ultra Strong. It's really the only one I'll use now (yep, in the Mega Rolls, too). No breakage or "TP worms" as you called them, lol, and you can use so few sheets that the clogging issue doesn't happen nearly as often as it did with the regular Ultra.

The only complaint I have is that the rolls really do leave lots of dust on the floor and surrounding hardware. I hate dusting anyway, so adding the TP dust just aggravates me. Nice thing is the dust is ONLY on the floor and not on me!

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I just noticed this thread is actually THREE years long...

Now that's some serious TP angst! :-)

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