Floor bugs? Help

sophie_blueNovember 17, 2010

I discovered weird small bugs on the floor today. They're tiny (around 1/32"), light beige to brownish beige in color and seem to be coming from either baseboard moldings or laminate floor. It also seems like they're eating either the floors or the moldings as I see small specks that look like sawdust. The infestation is spreading from walls towards the center of the room.

Any idea what these bugs are and how to get rid of them? The exterminator can only come on saturday so I'm looking for any info in the meanwhile. Any help much appreciated!

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Sound like Powder post beetles.

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Could have originated with your laminate flooring or baseboards...or from the house parts itself.

Is your laminate flooring plastic laminate or an engineered wood maybe from China?

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The subfloor is concrete and so are the walls and ceiling so I think it's either molding or laminate. Laminate I believe is from China but it looked like paper on the back side not engineered wood.

I looked into powder post beetles and these bugs do seem like the pictures. They eat wood, so that would rule out laminate, correct? Moldings have been painted so can we treat them somehow by spraying borax into the cracks between the walls and the molding or do we have to get rid of them completely?


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Don't mess around with PPB. Call an exterminator. Seriously. They can compromise the structure of your home.

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Don't rule out the plastic laminate as the source of the infestation (unlikely, but possible), although it could have originated from the house parts.

Find out what the bug is and then exterminate. Sometimes the only way to effectively eliminate PPB is by tenting the entire house and fumigating.

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