Terrible Flooring installation

wijodyNovember 12, 2011

I posted back in the spring about my terrible flooring installation. It's a long story, but let's just say I've done my own DIY flooring and I wanted my livingroom/hall to be professionally done so that it was NICE. I went to a small store that I got from the Teregren website. Turned out they didn't really carry Teregren but they ordered it for me - were VERY friendly and helpful. However, their installers were VERY, VERY sloppy! I complained about some of it, then wimped out and just paid full price for the flooring (over $5 grand) ... all summer the floor has creaked and moved underfoot. I wanted to wait through a whole season change before putting in the baseboard - still am unsure I want to commit to this floor, because the movement drives me INSANE.

So today I decide to just set the vent cover in front of the vent and while I knew the gap looked huge there from the get-go, I didn't realize it was THIS BAD. My baseboard will NOT cover it along this wall (will fall down into the gap) and the vent cover ... well, this is just lovely!

What should I do? Do I have any rights with regard to small claims court or anything? I know I shouldn't have paid them ... just being Mrs. Nice Guy, I guess, hoping the floor would 'settle' and stop moving so much! But this ... what am I supposed to do, put quarter-round in FRONT of my vent!?

Link to pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v79/wijody/DSC_1005.jpg

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Can you put a flat floor vent in, instead of the upright style you have?

I have posted a quicker link for seeing your image. If you copy the html link in photobucket image and paste it in the message box, the pic will show up in your post.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for fixing the link. I'll see what I can find to put there. Another installer (for another room) said 2.5" from the wall was the standard for heat duct openings by the wall. This gap is 3.5" from the wall.

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You have a year warranty on any installation, so you can still complain to the dealer and request that things be made right. Then, if you get no satisfaction, a small claims case could be an option for you.

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Some states have a 2-year installation guarantee requirement, so check with your state.

The installation firm you paid to install it is liable for the condition of the area at the time of installation. Height tolerances of the subfloor (waviness), any moisture/humidity issues must be within tolerances specified by the manufacturer at the time of installation or they should not have installed it. Also, the condition of the subfloor (structural integrity or movement). Remember they are the professionals and should not have installed it if its not within specifications.

You can file a claim with the product manufacturer against their product warranty and demand an independent inspection for failure determination. Alternately you can hire your own independent and certified wood flooring inspector expert. Remember that you will most likely never see the inspection report unless you are the inspectors customer. The latter costs more, but you get a report so no 3rd party can omit information or lie about it.

Also, you can send a notarized and registered complaint to the firm you paid for the installation. This sets a record and paper trail proving you started the claim/complaint within their installation guarantee period, so they later can not claim the installation guarantee has expired.

Also, you can call the firm you paid to install it and file a complaint/claim and demand an appointment to address your concerns.

They will probably want to repair it, but if there is movement and noise, then most likely the entire installation needs to be torn out and replaced, but they might not want to bear that cost. Most likely their repairs will consist of drilling and face-nailing, filling those holes with fillers that may or may not be noticable, but you paid for a new unmolested wood floor didnt you?

Also, you cmay be able to file with the state against their contractors license if it applies to your state. States who allow this tye of relief generally lean on the side of consumer protection, so if this applies to your state, it might be the best way to go because those states that have this type of remedy can suspend their license if they do not repair or replace it correctly.

You certainly can sue them in court but you must have evidence proving your claims, so its imprortant to gather that evidence. Its best to not go into court unless you have already won administratively through evidence.

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Thank you very much!

I have a feeling if I told the store/installers about the movement, they will say, "Well, it's a FLOATING floor - they move!" Thing is, though, that I specifically complained when they came to do the estimate about how my kitchen DIY kitchen install, even after I tried to make the floor flat, was moving (does not move nearly as bad as my livingroom) and the salesguy was all about how the installers have 'ways' of dealing with uneven floors. He made me believe that if I had it professionally installed, it would NOT be moving around when I walked on it. When some other installers were here during the summer installing Karndean flooring in another room I just asked them about the floor moving (to get their opinion) and they said it was due to not big enough expansion gaps - but I don't think that's it because I specifically left the baseboards off all summer so I could keep an eye on the gaps, and the floor didn't move at all to fill those gaps - it did swell a bit to make the floor more creaky, but that's it. Though, it's still creaky.

Another thing is when someone just walks through with shoes on, it's not as noticeable as when you live here, walk on it with socks on or bare feet, and also when you SEE it move when the sun is shining across the floor - even my 33-pound 3-year-old makes the whole area flex when she walks across it. Contrast that with another area of the room where it's solid and WOW ... I mean, if it were ALL like that and there weren't these glaring problems (like around the vent holes) I'd seriously LOVE my floor! I feel like I sound to them like some hard-to-please customer from #@!!, but I'm NOT. I don't even really care that much about all the marks they made from pounding it together (without tapping blocks!), but I just hate how it moves and now this other issue ... (There are other issues that were brought up and addressed before I paid - however, maybe that might still be used to show incompetence?

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