I keep thinking...my grandmother would love this :)

lavender_lassJune 1, 2011

Do you ever look through decorating books/magazines and think...my mother, grandmother, father, aunt, etc. would love this look?

I got some library books yesterday and as I'm looking through them for some inspiration, I kept thinking...Wow, I really like this, but my grandmother would love this room. So I wonder, how many times are we drawn to a certain look or style, not because it's necessarily our style, but one that belongs to a loved one?

So many things remind me of my grandmother's style. She loved books! She never had enough bookshelves for all her books and would have loved to have a dining room that was a library 90% of the time and a dining room for special occasions. She also loved to bake and cook...and always had a kitchen table in the middle of the room, with fresh coffee brewing.

My mom loves everything white wicker and plants, yellow and green and also loves books...but her bookcases are white, not wood. Anything Asian always intrigues her and she has so many accent pieces in her home, but somehow, they all seem to work beautifully together. She also loves to garden...so plants inside and out. Maybe that also explains the wicker, although she always has a few overstuffed, comfy chairs or a sofa to sit on, too.

Me...I like more of a romantic country style. Give me a little crystal, silver and china, but with a cottage style mix of painted and wood tone furniture. I like oval and round tables, with curved legs, chairs with ottomans...and lots of flowers. I also love to cook (especially bake) but I've always wanted a wood stove in the kitchen...we had one when I was really young and I loved it. I do like books in almost every room, but shorter shelves with pictures above...probably the result of having all those books in school! Now the library works fine, unless I really love a book, then I'll think about getting a copy.

What about you? Is your style influenced or enhanced by your loved ones? I thought it might be a fun topic :)

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My mother's tastes and mine are polar opposites - in both our homes and our fashion. My mother, who is now 82, graduated from HomeEc in 1952 and taught it for years at high school. I, on the other hand, am a Commerce grad graduating in 1976, both of us graduating from the same university.
See where I'm going with this - although we get along quite well we don;t understand each other at all. And that difference is reflected in everything about us.
My mothers home is full of things put together very well with lots of colour and detail and much of it she made herself. Her mother was also a Home-ec grad and a talented amateur artist and her home was the same.

My home is very simple with no frou-frous and basic colour and I have never owned a sewing machine. Probably more function over form because it's what my analytical brain likes and I refuse to spend money on unnecessary accessories. Although, I have to admit that being on this site has given me an appreciation for accessorizing and so I am trying to incorporate some interesting things into my living spaces. But it is a challenge for me. My mother actually, I think, knows how hard this is for me but doesn't dare interfere.
And yet when my mother decided to redo her kitchen she called me because she knew I would research everything for her and present her with logical choices and a functioning layout. The pretty stuff she can pick out herself.

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Sounds like you make a good team! :)

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