Floor transition 3/4" to 1/4"?

dljmthNovember 7, 2012

We are remodeling and adding a new kitchen to existing house. The new kitchen is adjacent to the existing dining room. Our current dining room has 5/8" top nail down white oak flooring - original flooring which has been sanded several times on an 60 year old house. We would like to have a level floor so the contractor dropped the floor in the kitchen addition to allow for a 3/4" new wood floor in the kitchen to line up with the existing floor in the dining room which he measured at 1/4" because of the floors previous sanding. All that seemed to work fine, but now we find ourselves in a situation where it looks like we will not be able to preserve the old flooring (long story). The new addition foundation and subfloor is already in so I am in search of a 1/4" floor to match. I suppose we can install 5/8" and sand it down - but are there any alternatives to this approach?

Additionally, if we install new 5/8" flooring and sand it down to 1/4" so the floor is level between the kitchen and dining room, it will effect another transition. The dining room connects to a hallway which as a result of changing out the dining room floors will be 5/8" (or 1/4" because of extra sanding)lower than the dining room. Any clever ideas of how to make my floors all level? Is there a way to do a 1/4" reduction that feels seamless? I'm guessing it's impossible and I will simply have to live with a threshold/transition between the hallway and dining room.

Please, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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No no no you can't sand down 3/4" flooring to 1/4"...forget about that.

You can find 3/8" unfinished flooring, maybe you can even find some 5/16". Look at Launstein or Lebanon, just two manufacturers. Google them and see what you get.

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How about using a reducer. Here are some pictures of some, you would just have to find the one with the right amount of reduction.


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scotty - do you think a large area would look OK with a reducer? I've bot about a 14ft area that may have a wood to wood change in floor height. They are fine in doorways, but I'm not sure about a bigger space than that.

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You could also get reducers made. They could be a few inches wide. Not sure whether that would make them more or less of a trip hazard.

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