unit cost difference between 3 and 3.5 Ton Trane XB13

cliuFebruary 27, 2008

I am getting quotes from various contractor, here are some questions:

1) What is the equipment cost difference (coil + condenser) between 3 ton and 3.5 ton Trane XB13 AC?

2) Is RUUD a good brand for AC? How does it compare with Trane?

Thanks in advance.

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1) Minimal--I can't tell you from here--it depends on your dealer's pricing--below $1k most likely

2) Yes, Rheem/Ruud is very solid equipment. Trane is solid too, but the Trane unit will have a reciprocating compressor while the Ruud will have a more modern scroll compressor. Which model Ruud, though? I heard one or two models are builder grade stuff. The Trane XB13 is the base model, too.

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The XB13 is low end Trane. I would not have it for my home. Too noisy. Perhaps rental property or small light commercial might be OK. You might want to look at warranty.

As far as pricing between a 3 ton and 3 1/2 ton model,I would expect the cost difference from the wholeseller to the dealer to be relatively inconsequential. However the markup from the dealer to the homeowner might be a different story.

Rudd/Rheem equipment is middle of the road. Solid equipment with good components, not cutting edge. Certainly just as good as the low end XB13 model. Their mod furnace though is leading edge technology.


Here is a link that might be useful: Trane AC Comparison Link

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Thanks for the info. So both of you thought Ruud/Theem might be better than Trane XB13. Is that true? The contractor quote me much less for RUUD compare with Trane XB13. I only expect UAND series (or Achiever series 13SEER) from RUUD. This is because at Portland, Oregon we only use AC about 2 weeks a year (after 4pm). I normally shut the AC off when I go to bed or it is cool enough before 9/10pm. It has no gain to go for a high end unit.
Noise is a concern, I had an Trane XR12 at my old house. It was acceptable since we rarely use after 10pm. I am not sure the noise specification in dB between XR12 (not manufactured anymore) and XB13. Do you have any links?

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don't know what you do for heating but you might consider a heat pump condenser for the relatively mild Portland climate.

how do you currently heat your home?

what is your electric rate, oil or nat gas or propane rate?

just a thought...


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We use natural gas for heating. For my new house it is a 5 ton Trane. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity here although last 8 years, the natrual gas price increased a lot compare with electricity. Our electricity is cheap, too due to hydro power clsoe by (the electricity company just ask for a rate increase to 10c/kwh including everything). So if we use 500kwh per month, the cost is about $50. By the way, during summer with AC on, I might hit $60 to $70. Once hydro power settlement is done for NW, the electricity rate would be drop again (15% rebate to private utility customer). But natural gas is still slightly cheaper (about 85% of electricity in same kwh energy, used to be only 50%). During winter, we do need heating on all the time. This could run the gas bill from $50 (summer time) to $170+ peak (winter time) per month. I have to live in the house for more than 10years to consider heat pump or high efficient AC. Thanks for suggestion anyway.

So anyone can comment between Ruud AC and Trane XB13?

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What are the model numbers of the condensers and air handlers?

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do you sell 3 tons unit

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