Custom made kitchen cabinet door hinges?

kitty56June 22, 2013

We are upgrading our kitchen and due to cost, the fact that we like our current cabinets, they are in good shape and they are excellent quality we are planning to keep the cabinets. There is however, one glitch. They have a type of door hinge that is no longer available. My H has researched it back to the company that made them, and they are out of business. He found it online, but then they said it was unavailable. He has not been able to find the same hinge again. Don't ask me what type I need, lol. I just know he said it is a very particular knife hinge. These cabinets were made 40 years ago. The doors also don't lend themselves to just using any replacement hinge - it is very specific because there are notches in the edge.

My question is, does anyone know if there is a company that would custom make these hinges? I could send one of the hinges as a template. I would probably need at least 60 of them - actually more like 70 to have some extras. It's not a huge order, but maybe enough to make it worth it for a company? Even if it cost $1000.00, that's a lot less than all new cabinets.

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