How to identify wood floor?

notrafficingaNovember 28, 2007

I need to figure out what kind of floor I have in a home we just purchased. It is pine, but there are apparently many types of pine and I can't tell by comparing pictures. I also don't know how to tell what finish is currently applied to it.

Planks are 6" wide and an amber color. Pretty knotty. Would it help to post a picture?

I need to figure this out because the floor is in need of repair. The prior owner's dog scratched the hell out of the finish and there are gaps that have been filled with some kind of resin that is crumbling and coming out. Gaps are pretty wide and you can see the tongue in some of them. The floor is beautiful, just needs work.

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Picture? Maybe. The tail end of your username could give a clue. Georgia? How old is the home? Or the original floor? There was alot of Heart Pine used in older Georgia homes. Gaps will not go away, but I know it's been extremely dry in that region. They could close up partially with some humidity.

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This house was build in 1979 and this is the original floor. This particular neighborhood in Roswell has contemporary homes with many varied styles and building materials. I'll try to get a picture up.

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Oh, and yes, we are in Georgia ...

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Does the grain of the wood look anything like this:

If so, that is Southern Yellow Pine. The floors in the picture above were unfinished and new - older floors especially with old varnish will be much darker and a very deep amber color. Also the floors above were clear - few if any knots - but you can find it with varying amounts and sizes of knots.

I'd learn to live with the gaps - as you are finding out, the fillers usually fall out eventually. And if you fill them this winter when the wood is very dry, filler could cause problems in a very humid year.

If you sand the floor you can take it down to fresh wood which will be much lighter than the aged finish. Then pick whatever finish you want. We just used Waterlox on our new Southern Yellow Pine floors - mixed Minwax Ipswich Pine stain into the first coat and the floors are beautiful. I haven't posted pictures yet, though.

Here are more shots of the other SYP floor which was finished with a clear coat acrylic polyurethane:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pine Floors

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I hope these come out. It looks more knotty than yours, but I can't tell very well.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Floor

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As much that I can tell
It called re claim pine, it is a re used wood, this type of wood the take of old houses and re cut and finish in the lumber yard, you will need to get un finish to match your exiting color, or you can send a sample pieces to an outside lumber yard to match it, and it is not cheap especially if you want the groove.

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