Totally bizarre question.. electric heel sander?

sue36June 8, 2006

I am hoping one of you might know where I can find this. I recently got a pedicure and they used an electric sander to take calluses of my heels (gross, I know, sorry). It looked like a a min-orbital sander that woodworkers use, but I know it was made for the pedicure purpose. Does anyone know what this thing is called (I've tried Googling, and have gotten nowhere), and where I might find one online? Thanks!

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Well, I'm not sure but here's something...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pedicure kit

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That is sort of similar to what it was, but this thing was heavy duty. It plugged in (no batteries), it was light blue and looked "professional". I'm telling you, the thing was awesome. Think I can take DH's sander and use that? :)

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Sue: I need the answer to this question too! My heels are so callused that I swear I should use sandpaper. I also have a callus on the side of my big toe (probably from wearing tight shoes) and a sander sounds like the perfect thing to get rid of it. I want (need) the heavy duty one too.

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When I need to I use either a real pumice stone when my feet are damp (not wet) or a Dr. Scholl sandpaper kind of thing on a long rectangular thing with a handle. Both work great if my feet are neither completely dry nor completely wet. An electric sander would scare me. If you all have not tried *damp* "sanding" yet, please do. The results are very visible and satisfying :)

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My heels are bad too. I hate wearing sandals.

Sue--Last week I purchased exactly what you described, only it was small and battery operated. It is worthless.

I wonder if wally world will take it back.

I use the same thing flyleft uses--The Dr. Scholl on the handle thing--and have found that it works the best. The pumice stones just roughen up the callouses.

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I found the battery operated ones on eBay. It was called a callus sander. It doesn't seem like it would be too powerful. I'll have to keep searching online. There is a nail supply store near me, maybe they carry one.

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Sue, you're going to kill me, but I found it earlier while surfing at work and now when I went to link, I can't find it. I think I googled "pedicure heels electric tool"

I don't know what happened to it, but it was electric and it was made by Medicool.

Maybe that will give you a lead on something, but at least you know it's out there. There was one for $129, $149, and a whole kit for $299. I'll see if I can find it later tonight if you still haven't had any luck.

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I mentioned to my pedicure lady that I was using my Dremel, and she laughed and told me what they use is exactly the same thing, only it is "packaged" differently to be more feminine in appearance. Honest. WAAAY less expensive, plus you can use it for other things too. It's great!

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Can I tell you what works great! My heels were so callused, cracked, and sometimes even bleeding (from the deep cracks) that I considered using my dh's dremel too. sells a hand tool with a heavy-duty screen on it (like a heavy-duty screen door screen) that screws on, and you can buy replacement screens too. You use it when your foot is dry. Then after that, put on their Callex foot ointment, gobs of it (it comes in a small tub). It's an enzyme cream that breaks down the excess skin. Do this once a day, and in just a few days - your heels will be as soft as baby's butt. No joke!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yay - something I have an answer for! Now I can be a real contributing forum member :-) I recently got something called the Conair Hair Removal System, it plugs in and it can be purchased for under $30 online or at Walmart, drugstore etc. Though it's called a hair removal system, they say it works for calluses and they are right - it's great for that. I also use it to exfoliated my upper arms. The website says: "This clinically proven, totally painless hair removal system lets you get rid of unwanted hair and calluses quickly and easily. You get two speeds for greater comfort for every part of your body. Gentle, fine-grain exfoliating pads rotate and painlessly remove hair without nicks, cuts or ingrown hairs. Results last three times longer than blade shaving without the discomfort of waxing." The deal is you have to be VERY CAREFUL when using the thing for hair removal - you can get nasty abrasions - and stay away from the face!!! But for taking off calluses it's great. I would recommend the one advertised in the attached link. The one I got had only one speed, one size head, and no "instructional DVD". This one has all the extras but costs the same as what I paid.

Here is a link that might be useful: Callus remover

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I am going to try the device that honey linked to--but I want to mention another thing.

My brother the doc, says that lots of people who have heels like mine have undiagnosed fungal infections that need to be treated.

So, I wanted to mention this possibility.

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honeyb, does it really not hurt? I tried one of those "painless" hair removal things back in the 80s and YEOW! Returned that baby the next day. Granted, it was rotating tweezers, basically...I'm thinking this one does something like *rub* the hair to nothingness? It might be worth it if it really lasts longer than a razor on my legs...

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emme_m - What attachment do you use on the Dremel? I figure since we already have a Dremel, I may as well try that first.


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flyleft~ I had bought the same evil device in the 80's as well. FREAKIN YEOW it was!!! I remember throwing it down saying "Sheeeeet I need to drink an entire bottle of Champagne before I try that again!" So horrible I still remember after all these years...Glad to learn there's better products out there now.

I think I'll try the dremel thing too...

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Well, I use the dremel on my dog's nails, so why not?!

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Funny info re the hair sander: I mentioned it to my DH, thinking that since he shaves his legs all the time too (cyclist! Not crossdresser! :)), we could get it and we'd both make use of it...but he's already tried one! He beat me to a body-care product LOL!

He said it took a long time to use and wasn't really effective. Although maybe that was an earlier iteration, and also maybe it might be that he hadn't shaved for a long time and he had long guy hair on his legs (like when he used to have an off-season). Maybe if we get it and it works, he'll give it another try because he's riding pretty much year-round now.

My beloved Dremel...maybe we'll try that first! I can just see it. Suddenly there will be an unexplained run on Dremels and the little replacement sanding barrels...

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Like flyleft mentioned, you use little sanding barrels. They are cylyndrical-kind of hard to explain, but they fit over the end of the dremel. I'm not explaining it right, but you will understand if you see one. Each sanding barrel last several "pedicures". It works terrifically-really!

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Thanks. My husband uses the Dremel on the dog's nails, so I know what the sanding barrels look like. I just wasn't sure if that is what you use on your heels. I think they come in different grades, I'll just have to test out the ones we have.


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Hi - about the Conair Hair Removal tool. I feel confident recommending the thing for callus removal - no pain and it works. I'm still unsure about recommending it for hair removal. It's definitely not painful like the rotating tweezer thing - it doesn't pull out the hairs. The problem is that you can easily give yourself an abrasion - the "light pressure" needed to remove hair isn't much different than the light pressure than will give you a nasty burn - like skinning your knee. Plus as flyleft's husband says, it can take a little longer than shaving. The thing I like which is making me stick with it is the exfoliation. You skim it over your legs and you're left with this fine white powder and your skin is really smooth (where you're not bleeding! LOL) So I figure I'll keep trying on the hair removal, but if I decide it's not worth it, I'll go back to shaving and just use it for callus removal.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

The very best foot tool I have ever tried is a microplaner. I took the one from the kitchen and now keep it in the bathroom. Yes, I bought a new one for the kitchen! I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $14. I hold my foot over the trash can and grate away. My feet look so much better now.
I've had electric foot tools before but nothing I've tried works as easily as the microplaner because my heels were callused and hard. I use it on all the rough places on my feet.

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Just checking in when i saw this thread. My dermatologist sells a lotion--i guess it's an exfoliant--made specifically for heels. I had the worst callouses last summer from living in sandals, and in a few days, my heels were soft as a baby's behind, i'm not kidding. I'll post the name of it next time i have a chance to look in the med cab.

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I use a prescription cream called Vanamide on my heels -- it's a 40% urea based cream and it works great. I use it (mixed with a little almond oil) after a shower or bath. In addition, at my nail salon, I bought a scraper thing that has an oval ridge-like metal part and a plastic handle. When my feet are wet, I use it like a pumice stone and it works great to scrape off the build-up of dry skin. I had been having a lot of problems with cracked, peeling, dry feet that I just couldn't get on top of. Now, my feet are fine. I also, occaisionally, use one of those blade things (very carefully) on my heels if the skin build up gets too thick. I find sandals are murder on my feet in terms of dryness, etc, but I love to wear them...

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Ah, i found the name of the stuff i use: Glytone. It's for elbows too, but then you wipe it on and wash it off.

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I have been keeping an eye on this post for some time.

My heels were a mess and I checked over at epinions for the 'best' heel cream. Looked like it was Avon Foot Works heel Relief. Well, I have been using it for the last month - and WOW - what a difference. I just ordered another 2 lots off of ebay so I can share with my heel-challenged friend.

This stuff is not expensive - it is not greasy - so you can put it on and go to bed - or put shoes on really soon afterwards.

I still use the callous remover file and follow with lotion. no for one month -they have never looked this good - even DH can't believe it.

Just thought I'd pass on my results - good luck

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I use an industrial belt sander..
(40320: Dynafile II Abrasive Belt Machine)
this baby can smooth out the worst feet in the world in 5 minutes..

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OK, please don't laugh, but I swear by Blistex, the medicated kind, especially one with aloe. The waxiness seems to give it staying power. Good for elbows, too.

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Blistex lip balm?


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Yes, Nicole, the lip balm. But you do have to keep it separately from the one you use on your lips!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blistex Herbal Answer

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I have terrible heels, but these two products do amazing things for me:

First use this on dry heels:
(You will be AMAZED at how much dry skin will pile up on the floor below you, so don't use this over carpet. You can also buy replacement screens for it.

Follow up with this. It's very gooey so I usually put it on after crawling into bed.
Callex enzyme ointment - softens and breaks down dead skin

FootSmart also sells heel wraps you can buy to cover your heels while you are sleeping so you don't get the ointment all over your sheets.

In the morning - BABY SOFT feet. I have thick, cracked, sometimes bleeding heels otherwise. I have tried EVERYTHING including regular pedicures and a ton of other products that FootSmart sells. This combination did it for me. I have heels like my 8 year old daughter now.

Here is a link that might be useful: FootSmart

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snookums--just wanted to thank you for posting about the footsmart products! I ordered them and have been using them for 3 days. Wow! I can't believe what a difference there is in such a short time. Thanks again!! I've tried many other things (though not a Dremel) with limited success. In just a few days, my heels would go back to nasty. This is super gross, but my 7-year-old used to help me pick chunks of dead skin off my feet. Well, at first she tried to keep me from picking at my feet, but when she had no success at that she pitched in :) Now, I swear, my heels have lost 2 decades, LOL. Maybe 3.

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I like to post on this topic about once every 2 years (he-he).

So anyone want to try the fishy solution?

Here is a link that might be useful: pedicure

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Ok, I know this thread is old, but I can't believe no one has mentioned the Ped Egg!

For years I had the same problem as many of you. Since May I've been using the Ped Egg and can't believe the change in my feet! I use it once or twice a week and sometimes even skip a week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ped Egg

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Sue36...are either of these two sanders what you are looking for?

And another one at this link:

Here is a link that might be useful: heel sander

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seekingadvice - I just have now revisited this thread and wanted to say that I'm glad my the screen sander thingie and Callex are working for you. Aren't they wonderful??

I'm sure you have found too that you can't walk after putting the Callex on because it's too goopy - I put it on in bed. It's dry by morning (or all over my sheets, I don't know, but it works!)

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I tried the Ped Egg and it works very well, although not true that the shaved off bits stay in the egg, most of it ends up on the floor.

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Mitch, you definitely need to use the Ped Egg over a wastebasket, lol. I'm still amazed at the change in my feet!

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you're right about that !! their grate works very well, on dry feet.

I get regular pedicures but I do scrape off a lot of dead skin before I go,
so that the technician doesn't have to do so much, it tickles less when I do it myself.

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Hi everyone,
I am an esthetician and actually have the dremel for pedicures. You buy the dremel and then can purchase bits ... so you would purchase the rubber bit and then the 'sandpaper' that goes over top of it. They are normally single person use, so you would only have to buy one bag of the 'sandpaper' and could probably reuse it seeing as how you are only using it on yourself.

if you would like to purchase I sell it for $270 which will include the dremel, the rubber bit and one bag of the sandpaper. Shipping is not included.

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I know this is an old listing, but I found the tool and the service. Its in sherman oaks.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Feet

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If anyone sees this old listing, thanks for the suggestions above! I have another weapon to suggest in the "dry heels" arsenal: gel-heel socks. I buy them at BBB (link below) but when I was looking at the Footsmart website at products mentioned earlier, I saw that they have them, too. In spite of professional pedicures, a sandpaper-scraper and a ton of heel creams, I still battled dry heels for years until I started using the socks. Sometimes I sleep in them every night, other times just once in a while.

Adding the socks to pedicures, scraping and cream has completely solved the problem for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: gel-heel socks

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I used a dremal on my big toes. Ped Egg would never really go through it. It's a $20 4.8 volt one from Wal Mart. It's high speed is only 10,000 rpm. (which is slow for a Dremal) Don't try it with a good Dremal though! 30,000 rpm burns! People use them for dog nails and such, probably the most useful thing you'll buy.

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found this thread on a random search looking for what everyone above has been :) been wanting to find a motorized one. i've recently been developing the dry heel build up myself, never had a problem with it before till this summer. course i started wearing flip flops for the first time since i was a kid too. i'm so curious why this would cause such callousing in the heel?

i dont mind a good soak.. dont care for the stuff i have to put on before bed because i like to keep my feet uncovered unless its cold. i'm looking through all the suggestions mentioned above including possibility of fungal infection.

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I know what your all looking for...Electric Callus remover and its black....try going to looking up will show a runs anywhere from $27-$35..Amazon has them most of the time..they come and go fast. Im a nail tech and have used it and people do love it...Good luck!

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An "Orbital Sander" truly is the ticket and available at any hardware store in the tool section.

I use 100 grit and 250 grit after then massage shea butter on and put a sock on it!

You WILL be amazed! :)

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Try Bario Callus Remover

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