Acrylic Infused Wood Flooring

dbd4November 12, 2012

I am considering installing Armstrong's acrylic infused walnut flooring in my home (kitchen, dining, entry, living rm). We don't have pets, but have 3 kids. We love walnut but have not considered it because of the softness. Then I heard about acrylic infused wood, which is supposed to be 50% harder than the regular wood, so walnut is back in consideration.

Does anybody have experience with acrylic infused wood? I'm having trouble finding reliable information on the pros and cons. I know it's expensive, but in terms of the performance, I don't want to install it only to find out it has some terrible issues. I appreciate any help you can give.

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Armstrong is now the maker of this product. It was made under the Hartco name as Pattern Plus for many years, and the hardening claim was real. I put this floor in the oak species made by Hartco in a restaurant and the owner calls it his ironwood floor. However, I also installed a cherry species floor by Armstrong in a customer's home and I was disappointed by its lack of hardening. It seems that the acrylic impregnation process was either incomplete or defective. It dented real easy and both the homeowner and myself were very disappointed.

I would suggest that you get a sample of the walnut flooring you are considering and give it a realtime test; drop objects on it, spill liquids and food stuffs on it, grind dirty shoes on it and do most any other thing to it that the floor might experience after being put in service. That will give you a real good idea what to expect as performance.

Ask Armstrong to send you a representative sample or two for your consideration. They might just fulfill your request. Since I was disappointed by the recent cherry install, that is what I would do if a customer wanted the product.

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Thanks for the input. I have ordered a couple of samples and will test it.

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I'm not sure you'd see the investment of the extra $$$ frankly. I had a customer who put the cherry in a boutique. Yes, a light commercial situation. Even so, I wasn't that impressed.

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The Hartco product was impressive...the Armstrong not so much. Sorry Armstrong, but I've touched and worked with both. Do a better job of acrylic impregnation. An installer ought to smell the burning plastic when cutting the stuff.

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I'm bumping this up...Armstrong's line of this type is apparently now called Performance Plus. If there is anyone with new or other feedback on this product please post it. Apparently Costco is promoting it (through their flooring partner). I'm curious to know if anyone has experience with it. It sure does look nice and has a lot of options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Armstrong Performance Plus engineered

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