Replacement air cost?

Justn2899February 9, 2013

I am looking for opinions on whether or not I'm getting a fair price on a replacement air conditioner. I live in North West Florida in a 2200sf single story home. I got a quote today on replacing both the air conditioner and air handler. I got prices on two different systems. First system is a Trane XB13 with a 4 ton 14 series air handler. Price installed, including adding two bedroom return transfers is $6200.
The other system is a Trane XB14 with a 4 ton 15 series for $9900. Not sure how much better the XB14 is but that is a pretty large price difference between the two. I went through Lowes hoping they would give me a fair price, but they sub'd it out to a local AC company. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Would need to see all model numbers.

And to be clear, these are HP systems?

Post back.


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HP (Heat Pump?), is so then yes. The only model numbers I have are the ones I posted. The XB13 with a 14 series Hyperion XR air handler for $6600, or the XB14 with the 15 series Hyperion XR.

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Sorry, can't give you informed opinion without mdl numbers of outside condenser and inside air handler.

What size strip heat? Will it be staged?

New thermostat?

Any air filter cabinet?


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