To all Dads

klaa2June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

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Thanks! I'm just vegg'ing out while kids do stuff today. :-)

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And may I add...
Thanks for listening to us ask "Do you like this white, or this white, or this white?" And "Can you hold this up so I can see how it looks? A little lower, higher, hmmm, let me think... let's try it over there...."

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What a sweet post. Yhis year the kids gave their Dad a note I found years ago in a shelter on a trail in Cheaha Nat.l Forest. A little boy had written the "rules of the trail" and posted them on the wall of the shelter.This is what he wrote:

1)Follow write blases.
2)Stay on the trail.
3)If Dad gets hart ( I love this and always think heart) use his sell phone.
4) If you get lost yell help or Dad.

# 4 is the one that mostly gets used in our house. My kids are 33,31 and 25...when they feel lost they call Dad.

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