Shamrock hardwood flooring - opinions?

threeberriesNovember 22, 2012

Hi - I want to install wide plank (~5") prefinished hardwood maple flooring in my new construction home. My builder found 5" Maple prefinished premium-grade hardwood (3/4" thick) from Shamrock. I've never heard of this brand before and after doing extensive research can't find any opinions or reviews. I want to make sure this is good quality flooring before I pay gobs of money to install it throughout my house. Doing some rough calculations I think my builder is getting it for about $5.60 per square foot. We did get a sample and I guess it looks fine, but it's hard to know what kind of quality we're getting just from that. Oddly the Shamrock website has almost no information about their flooring. The sample mentioned something about 7 coatings and aluminum oxide for the finish.

Thanks for any feedback on Shamrock.

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We are getting Shamrock flooring. My brother sells wood floors and that is one of his distributors. I trust him that it is of good quality if that means anything to you.

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Thanks so much for your response. It's a relief to know at least one other person recommends it. I'll post an update with my experience after it's installed and gets some use in case anyone else is considering Shamrock.

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Threeberries and Karen.1288:
Would you mind posting your experiences with the Shamrock flooring? I am looking to purchase 1,000 square feet for my house, to be glued over slab, and am looking for some feedback on this brand. I'm considering their Hickory Rancho Madera Toro (7") engineered product. Thanks.

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