help for sun damaged wood floors

maisoui1November 26, 2010

We recently bought a home which has tons of huge windows which let in loads of light. Unfortunately, the previous owners had areas rugs. There is a dark outline of each area rug on the floors. (In other words, the sun-exposed areas are lighter than where the rugs were.) I have rugs but they are different size and shape so the color difference does show in some areas. The floors are oak and more of a natural finish. It has more of a yellowish hue to it. I am generally partial to darker wood but given how much we lost on our last house I want to do as little in the way of permanent changes as possible. I just used the orange glo refinisher on one section of the floor and it looks good - but of course didn't help the color issue. Is there a tint or gel or polish that I could mix with the refinisher to polish the floor to sort of darken the color? If the color could be improved by a few shades, I would be happy. I am trying to avoid refinishing the entire house.


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I'm sure other people will chime in but to my knowledge the only way to get rid of all those lines would be to sand and refinish the floor.

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The color differences will even out in a few months.

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I agree -- it should even out in time. Our master bath has an oak floor and skylights. We had a rug in front of the sink for years, and when we eventually got rid of the rug the floor was a different color underneath. You can't see it at all now. I can't remember how long it took though, sorry. If you can live with it for a while, it ought to be fine.

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Yup. It will even out with time.

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