Outdated cell phones, transformers & cameras

rococogurlJune 5, 2007

Between the two of us, plus what the kids left, we've accumulated a whole box of this stuff over the years. Multiple outdated phones with their respective transformers, film cameras etc.

Nothing's rare so no resale value. The cameras are good and work but I can't imagine paying for film or developing.

Any place to donate such stuff? Rather see it go for a cause than just to the street pickers. Thanks

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There is a store here that takes anything electronic. The store is professional looking and have dropped off all types of electronics including old speakers. Not completely sure what they do with them, but know there is a lot inside of value metal wise. I think they are cropping up all over. Check your yellow pages on line locally.

Cell phones can be donated to women's shelters. Local cell phone stores accept them.

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I was about to recommend women's shelters as well. That's what we've been doing. We gave Goodwill 7 lap tops this year. They were slow but working. Also have given away many old cameras as well.

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Here's two links for cell phone recycling:

Phones For Life outfits the phones with minutes, then when minutes are used up, phones convert to a 911 only phone. It serves senior citizens, victims of domestic violence and adults with serious disabilities.


Cell Phones for Soldiers turns cell phones in for phone calling cards for our troops. It's a heartwarming story how two teenagers started the foundation. If you don't have a drop off location near you, you can print a pre-paid shipping label from your computer.


For anyone that has a "one-time" use camera, Kodak has teamed up with photo finishing labs to recycle these disposable cameras. Link below. There's also info on recycling old cameras, though if yours are in working order, perhaps a charity will accept them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kodak Disposable Camera Recycling

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