Kezar Lake

bill_vincentJune 23, 2008

I can't remember-- Mom47-- I believe it was you who said you come up to Kezar during the summer? I'll be fishing a tournament there this coming sunday, if you wanna come by the public boat ramp at about 4:00 for the weigh-in. :-)

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I wish, but I won't be up until September. In a few years, when I RETIRE, I'm moving up permanently. I'll cheer you on all over Maine! Do you cheer in fishing contests??

When I fish, I mostly drown worms, so I always take a good book along.

Good luck.

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No worms are harmed in the making of any tournaments. :-) It's all artificials. :-)

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I could never get the hang of that, I usually managed to cast right into a tree if I was on the dock and nothing every struck my lure when I was out in the boat. Even with a fish-finder (which I apparently got to keep in the divorce), no luck. Which is OK with me, and probably, more importantly, OK with the fish.

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Something I've told new club members when they come out with me-- If you're not getting snagged, you're not casting into the right places! Additionally, there's only a hair's difference between "Nice cast!" and "Aw crap!" That's the good thing about being in the boat on the trolling motor-- you can go to the snag!! I think in the last year, I can count the number of baits I've lost on one hand.

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