bus_driverFebruary 11, 2012

When using the lowest priced filters, one is tempted to "test" them by seeing how well light passes through them. Not a valid test. I recently changed some of those that still passed light very well. But turning on the fan and removing the filter with the air flowing really shows how clogged they are. Compare the effort difference required between the old and new.

And for filters in ceiling-mounted grilles, turning on the fan will hold the new one in place while to the grille is put back in place.

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I was able to go from a 1" pleated that was pretty restrictive to a 4" pleated that isn't as restrictive but has a mile more surface area. I still don't us a tremendously high merv or whatever you call it. I mainly want to protect my blower and coil from build up. If that is accomplished than regular air quality isn't too bad in my eyes.

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