area rugs? (long)

tansunnyNovember 16, 2010

I am getting my hardwood floors refinished next week and I will be in the market for some area rugs. I am having the living room, dining room, hall and 3 bedrooms finished. I don't have a fortune to spend on rugs and I'll probably get some that are pretty inexpensive and then upgrade later, but it would depend on what I find. I have some questions.

First of all, I don't know anything about rugs. I don't know what they can/should be made of, what to look for in quality or even really where to by them (aside from Lowes, etc). We did check Lowe's/Home Depot and were not impressed. I have not checked Hagopian (not sure if this is a regional place) but my understanding is that they are VERY expensive. I have looked online a little bit and I tend to like the designs that are on Pottery Barn/The Company Store type places more than the tradiontal oriental type style rugs.

So...where do I look to buy rugs? What materials are best for dining area? What materials are best for bedrooms? Also, the living area and dining area are all one room, so while the two rugs don't have to match, they should coordinate somewhat. Finally, I don't even know how you are supposed to place rugs....Is the furinture supposed to be completely on them? Half on, half off? Can someone show me pictures of how to decorate with area rugs?


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I just go with 90 dollar walmart rugs..they last about four years, then I'm ready for a change. I buy the same for the living and dining area. I'm planning on ripping out the wall to wall in the bedrooms. There, I'll use washable throw rugs..(I hate dust).

My flooring is laminate, but you get the idea. Six by eight size works well for me.

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Overstock dot com has thousands of nice rugs. You can read the reviews posted to find out more about them.

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Go to a local rug store and look at them in person...write the name down and searc online for best pricing and free delivery...check out the reviews for that particular site before you buy.

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cflaherty is wrong. Please allow me to rewrite that post. Go to a local Rug Store (I personally think Shaw makes some really great rugs of all styles) .Write down the style that you like. If you feel the need, go online and price the rugs...then go back to the store and ask if they can match the price on that rug. A dealer can beat or match every single time. On an area rug, the risk is low and there is no such thing as a bad profit. This is the American thing to do. This is what our forefathers fought for. Please do not just use the store as an online gallery as many independents have fought long and struggle hard over the years to have a nice showroom for you to visit. People just have to wake up. If they can not or refuse to match it, then buy online....but give the dealer an opportunity.

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