Radiator/Thermostat/Boiler Connection

soshallFebruary 15, 2013

Hi everyone,
We had a plumber in today to bleed our rads. He also changed the batteries on the thermostat and fiddled around with the boiler. Since he left the temperature has dropped dramatically and he's refused to come back stating there is nothing he can do. HELP!
When we turn on the thermostat, the boiler kicks in, but we aren't getting any hot water running into the rads.
Is it the thermostat?
Any suggestions welcome, or it's going to be a cold night!

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Can you tell if your circulator pump is running? Are all the breakers for the heating system OK? Do you hear any noises in the pipes? Do any of the pipes near the boiler get hot? Have any valves been closed?

You may need another service call from a more competent and responsible service company.


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Is the person a plumber, heating contractor, or a handyman? This guy sounds like a jack of all trades master of none.

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