Moving furnace under the roof/attic - pros and cons?

thedorkFebruary 18, 2013

I have a big laundry room with furnace and water heater inside.
I am planning to build a second bathroom ( the plan is to move the furnace under the roof in the attic + instant water heater outside). I am trying to use that space for a storage .

I need that space where the current furnace is but having second thoughts about having the furnace under roof. It's a small 1500 ranch house - one level.
Please share your opinions and best models available on the market today - thank you!

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Moving the furnace to an uninsulated attic is a bad idea in my opinion. The duct work is exposed to extreme heat and cold. Installation of a condensing furnace becomes a problem. There is a potential of a leak and damaged ceilings.

You must have a climate which never goes below freezing in order to install the on demand hot water heater outside. Do you have natural gas or propane? The piping would have to be increased in order to supply enough fuel for an on demand hot water system. Unlike a conventional hot water heater, an on demand system requires periodic maintenance.

The suggestions for best brands was listed in your other post.

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Thank you for your reply. I am in CA so it's never too cold but we could have freezing temps some nights.

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In NC where we are below freezing 30 nights a year and lots of people put hot water on the outside so I don't know what Mike is talking about.

But of course the furnace in the attic is not ideal. But if your climate is temperate, it isn't the end of the world. Where are your ducts? You might be looking at 20-30% increase in usage

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How do you keep the water feed to the tankless hot water heater from freezing?

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