Polaris Hot Water Heaters

truckaxleFebruary 10, 2008

I have installed over a dozen Polaris Hot Water Heaters in radiant systems (including my own home) over the years and have been largely satisfied with their performance and reliability. However, I have had some issues with frequent igniter failures and had to get one tank welded after 10 years of service.

I haven't purchased one in 5 years and recently priced out a new unit, both online and local sources, and I am getting prices north of $3400! The last one I installed (~5 years ago) I paid $1800 through a local wholesaler. Did the price of the Polaris really double in the last 5 years or do I need to keep looking for a better source?

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Certainly not doubled but the price went up as all gas fired residential water heaters did with the goverment regulated flame safety/rollout mandates.

With the big advancement in modulating & condensing boilers along with the price leveling out, these tanks for that purpose have seen less demand. Perhaps this reduced demand along with the desire for a easier vented appliance along with indirect water heaters has determined their demise. I know for a fact less wholesalers are stocking these units perhaps due to demand thus, driving up the price.

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I bought mine (50 gal natural gas) something like 2-3 years ago - $3k and change. Now it's up to $3.7K - yikes.

I hope they stick around - really like it.

Was told that keeping the temp at 140 deg or higher helps with the ingnitors - not sure why - something to do with condensation. Obviously need mixing valve for these elevated temps.

Here is a link that might be useful: polaris

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Early1: I use to have problems with the igniter but the newer igniters do not seem to have the failure rate of the older models. I use to replace 1 per year per installation. In the last 3 years I have not replaced any (knock on wood).

Z1700: I was thinking the same thing that modulating tankless heaters must be cutting into demand for the Polaris - I was hoping that would drop the price; not increase the price. When mine needs replacing I will look into replacing it with a tankless if someone makes a good condensing unit.

I use the heater to both heat the DHW and space heating (via heat exchanger) and have ~15 years on it so sometime soon, I imagine.

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Welcome to the new George Bush dollar - You now need 3 or 4 of them to buy a cup of coffee

Buy you an extra (spare) water heater now - This time next year they may be $5K


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Actually water heaters have become more expensive due to the increased dummies.

What I cant use a plug instead of a relief valve?

Who says's I can't wash my engine block with gasoline in the basement or garage and rinse it with hot water next to my heater?

Insurance surcharges and design safties are the price reason.

Before that, a 40 gal N/G water heater cost a wholesaler $128.00 for over 14 years.

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I couldnÂt find this Polaris hot water heater problem posted anywhere  so maybe this is the right forum: LED Error Flashing 2 Times "Control is in lock-out because the pressure switch did not close." It cost me 7 minutes of service time and a $135 service bill but I finally figured out the amazingly easy and almost stupid solution to this problem. There are two clear plastic tubes that run from the purge fan to the outake pvc, so the service tech simply took the plastic tube off the outake pvc and blew into it. It turns out the Âpressure switch can get stuck. As he blew on it, I could hear the switch popping open. So simple. After 24 hours without hot water, I was annoyed and relieved at discovering this fix. IÂve spent hundreds of dollars in repairs without getting the answer so hopefully this helps someone else out there who is struggling with the same problem. If you need pictures, send me an email: debare at(@) mac dot com so you can fix it yourself.

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I have had problems with my Polaris, it is 175,000 BTU, with a loud poping or backfire nose coming from the outside exhaust vent. There does seem to be a good amount of condensation that builds up & you actually do see a small amount of water spiting out of the exhaust vent at time. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem & if they found a solution.


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I have had my Polaris for a year and no problems but now there is a wolfing noise when it ignites, like a delayed ignition. I have called factory and techs tell me to clean out intake and exhaust. I have done this thoroughly with a shop vac to make sure. It still does it. Would like any help or suggestions.

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