Supply Vent Register FILTERS

bargainaciousFebruary 21, 2008

I know these are generally not a good idea, but hear me out.....

Before my old HVAC system and ducts were changed out, I added some supply filters on the vent registers as a temporary measure. I did this because after having to CUT an access into the return ductwork to clean the coil, I could see the whole system was filthy. We had significant dust and mold on both sides of the coil and the ducts leading off the plenum. When I removed the vent registers to snake the vacuum down into the duct, all kinds of junk came up.

With 4 cats and 2 dogs, I would like to put some kind of mesh or screen over the floor vents to prevent large debris like dry dog or cat food from dropping into the ducts. Obviously, I don't want anything that will restrict airflow too much. I used to use the WEB vent register filters, but that was on my old system, which had one foot in the grave anyhow. My new system is a Trane with variable speed fan, solid metal duct and 5" MERV 10 media filter. Air flow seems great right now.

Does anyone have any input or ideas on what might work?

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I would use the foam window air conditioner filters. They have very low air restriction, are very easy to cut to fit, and they can be easily put behind each air return and secured with an elastic cord running in an "X" pattern across them. They are designed for just what you are trying to do - keep big stuff, major amounts of dust, etc., from passing through. I would just use the standard grade replacement filter like they sell with the air conditioners at Wal-Mart and the home stores - the higher quality ones may be too restrictive of airflow.

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If your using a 5" pleated MERV 10 filter on your new system, that is all you need. Your old system, maybe former owners probably used fiberglass/30% efficient filters which allow 60% of the dirt to just pass thru. Today filters are much more efficient reaching into the high 90% efficiencies. Your new system will never be as dirty as your old system. Apples & Oranges.

Take Care,

Dan Martyn

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