Filling Knots and Holes

billycNovember 19, 2007

Hi all,

Our character grade white oak flooring arrived last week, and we love it. There are plenty of knots, holes, cracks, etc - which is what we'd been hoping to get.

We're wondering what is the best way to fill these imperfections without hiding them. Do we have to use a "putty" type wood filler? Is there a clear resin or epoxy that is made for this purpose? Would that look strange?

Here is a link to a photo of the planks...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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There are professional waterborne wood floor fillers in "knot brown" color that would work here. Or, as I have done on occasion...3M makes a clear epoxy called DM100 that is used in hardwood flooring repair. They make an inexpensive mixing/delivery tool that makes the product easy to mix and apply exactly where you want it. You fill the void an then fill again, if necessary, to bring the filled surface level or just a little proud. You can stuff the bottom of the filled space with sawdust to reduce the amount of epoxy you'd have to use. With a waterborne wood floor filler that would not be's cheap enough.

Either method will probably give you good results, but like in anything and wood flooring "test" before you do anything to the floor.

Filler to look for is Timbermate or Woodwise brands.

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Thanks. Appreciate the help.

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You're welcome.

Very nice flooring you have there. White oak makes for a strong and attractive floor.

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