stupid olive oil bottle

slc2053March 16, 2008

those drizzler or pour tops you put on olive bottles...if they don't have a cap, which most do not, does it hurt the oil? I have a bottle with a pour top that I want to transfer my olive oil to but the pourer doesn't have a cap...can I leave it in there like that?


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The top to my decorator bottle that I use for OO has a little metal flap thingy that opens & closes as you pour from the bottle. I don't think I'd want to leave a bottle open to the air...mostly, I'm thinking bugs??


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I use one all the time, a glass cruet from Crate and barrel, no cover. No bugs, the spout is a little bit wider than the little tube that the oil pour through. I haven't had any bugs or any problems with the oil. I have this one...

Crate and Barrel Cruet

If you zoom in on the picture you can barely see the itty bitty tube, but the oil pours out great! I don't think it needs a cover.

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Mine has a little cap...hange on a chain...if I remember to use it.
Linda C

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It just seems strange that so many stores sell these oil bottles with the pourers that you cannot cap or close...

I have a cheap one from bed bath...

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I don't like open bottles of any kind so I've avoided those that can't be closed. Also OO is supposed to be keptout of light so I presume air is not all that beneficial, thus I keep mine in a small dark bottle in the cupboard. You can buy small corks in hardware stores to plug up those cutsey bottles, however. I was shopping for OO and vinegar cruets but the small ones had no cover and the large ones had fragile flip covers that seemed to already be broken on some bottles. Finally found an imported combination bottle that had cork seals.

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SLC: I'm glad you said it, not me.

Pick up a Whiskey Bottle " stopper, pourer, Spout? "
ask a friend who knows a Bartender, to pick you up one.
They have a little flap that closes.
PS: Don't come back and Say "I got one but it don't fit the bottle"

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The ones sold in the olive tap have a little flap on the end of the spout.
And a wine bottle makes a very good storage container for OO.
When I was at Stew's a couple of weeks back, we finished a bottle of ice wine...and I said "dibs on the bottle" it's a split size on a nice blue that will look great in my kitchen on the blue tile....but I forgot and left it there...
But they say they will save it for me...can't see mailing a wine bottle!
Perhaps a small vermouth bottle will work well also....
Linda C

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Other people's "stupid questions" are always so reassuring. I struggled over this question for months. I couldn't find a bottle with a cap and I just wasn't comfortable leaving it unsealed. I finally found a bottle with a little metal top on hinges at World Market - it opens when the bottle is turned upside down.

So here is my "stupid olive oil bottle question." How do people clean these things? Soap and a bottle brusher don't quite seem to do it. If I used enough soap to clean the oil, I think the soap residue would never come out. So far, I just refilled it without cleaning (a couple of times over 6 months). Then I put it in the dishwasher but I know that's not a thorough cleaning. Now I wonder if I should clean it better - or just go buy another one. What do other people do?


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Like I said before !!! Put a plastic Bag over your head,
tie it around you neck,tight !!! fOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES.
The Thorough Cleaning won't be a problem any more.
Seriously :
How clean do you want it ?
Go to an Auto Parts Store and pick up a can of Berkley's Gum Cutter.
That will loosen any thing. Then wash it off with detergent.

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I went to my market on the way home. So I walked down to the Liquor Store.
They had Metal Bottle Pourers,with caps, 2 in a Pack for 99 cents.

When I looked in the CF, your Post had gone South.
After all that, I had to bump it back up.

I won't joke around tonight. Are you guys mad??? Good !!!
I like to terrorize !
Hope this info helps.

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Thanks...I'll stop by my local store and see what they have!

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i keep a bottle of supermarket lemon juice on hand for cleaning jobs like this. since lemon cuts grease - i soak the lid in the lemon juice, some boiling hot water and a tad of dish soap. an overnight soak does the trick.

wrap a little piece of saran or foil around it and you're good to go.


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Why,if you washed it in the dishwasher, would you think it wasn't clean enough?

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If I used enough soap to clean the oil, I think the soap residue would never come out.

I feel that way about alot of narrow kitchen gadgets so what I did was get a hand soap foamer and dump the fragrant soap and refill it with dish soap and water so I could get a cleansing foam that made me happy and would rinse reasonably through the wierd kitchen goodies. That and a fall of wicked hot water makes me feel a whoooooooole lot better ;-)

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Did you ever wonder how your Grandparents and Great Grandparents,
made it with only Fels Naptha Soap ??? and no computers to ask questions.
Must have been terrible to live in those days.
No TV or Cell Phones either. Sure glad I survived.

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I still use Fels Naphtha soap and also a washboard. Can't beat either for stubborn stains like oil, grass and mud.

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Sarcasm aside, a good grandmother trick for cleaning out things like that is a healthy squirt of dish soap and a handful of rice or kosher salt. A bit of warm water, and some healthy cocktail-shaking or shekere-playing movements, then dump out the contents and rinse the bottle. It may take a few tries, but the rice or coarse salt scours the oil off the sides.

C'mon Lou; it's a legit question. No need to urge someone to commit suicide. If you just want to pi$$ people off, there's got to be an easier way.

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C'mon Alison:
I answered the questions and went out of my way to pickup some bottle pourers.
I was joking about the Plastic bag.

Although I think some people could live in a Plastic Bubble to be germ free.
Do you know how many times we talked about cleaning and germ free.
I think I helped out; in many instances, with all the different problems.

I would like to hear more about Cooking and Baking.

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I've wondered how to clean those bottles, too. Hubby did a six month deployment when my youngest was only 3 months old. I went home to stay with my parents. The house was a little warm in my absence so the olive oil that was in one of those fancy spray bottles turned rancid. I never did figure out how to get rid of that smell and ended up pitching the bottle. I would worry about getting some off flavors by just refilling without really cleaning.

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