Building Steps & using Mirage brand stain to match?

tyjyNovember 2, 2011

I know this brand is not widely used by folks on this forum but hoping someone in the flooring business who sells Mirage or a woodworker will know the answer to this, or give me some advice...

We installed: Mirage Lock flooring, Maple, Charcoal color, in the Cashmere (matte) finish with a special "Nanolinx" coating.

We're considering building two steps down to our carpeted great room (from the Mirage floored dining room) using 12" wide, 3-4" thick, solid maple planks, in a "floating" style manner (instead of covering existing steps with Mirage flooring and expensive Mirage stair nose).

The Mirage website says:

"Assorted Stains:

For true harmony between colors and species, Mirage offers stains for stairways, cabinets, and other wood surfaces that match your floor. These water-based stains are available in all Mirage colors."

Has anyone done this? Do you think it'll match WELL if we stain the real, solid maple boards with the Mirage stain? What do you think about matching that Nanolinx coating?

Aesthetics: Do you think a 12" wide board (if the stain matches) will look odd because it's different than the 4" wide Mirage boards?

I don't expect many answers but sure hope I get some : )

Thanks much!

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It will not look odd, if you are able to get the stain on without a blotchy looking result. Then, you have to coat the stained maple with a matching gloss level waterborne polyurethane. This would not be impossible to do for a professional wood floor finisher.

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glennsfc: Thank You So Much for answering : )

Since I posted I looked up "stain" on this forum and actually found a couple posts about really bad blotchyness occuring on "maple" in particular! WHO KNEW! I had NO idea! Before you wrote I thought, there goes that idea!

You give me a little encouragement though. I'll get a quote from a pro and see how it compares to the Mirage materials. It's the Stairnose that's so expensive! Thought solid maple steps might look cooler though too!

You're great! Thanks again!

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