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fairmountbuildFebruary 19, 2008

Question for the experts or those with more experience than I. We have had quotes for the installion of air conditioning in our home in Calgary Alberta from both a Trane and Lennox installer and they have come with with similar air conditioning systems. They both claim that I need a 3 ton 13 to 14 SEER unit. For our neighborhood, noise is also a major concern. Both installers claim that their units are the lowest db units on the market at 68 db. The Lennox unit was the XC21, and and Trane was the XR 13 (specifically the 4TTR3036A. The quote for both systems came in within $200 of each other (the Trane being slightly higher. Any thoughts on which of these systems is better or would would have an advantage in terms of being quieter.

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The XC21 is the top of the line model, super SEER, super price and requires a matching Lennox variable speed indoor unit. It better not be within $200 of a base Trane. The XC13 would be comparable to the XR13. Between those 2, not sure which would be quieter. Neither is 68db!!! The Trane is probably around 75db without looking. Usually at 13 SEER, you don't get the quietest units.

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Mr. Loonie likes Lennox now? :D

Like he said, that's hard to believe that there is such a low price difference--it makes you wonder the quality of installation you'd get with the Lennox dealer. The XC21 is still a very nice top-of-the-line unit. Good luck--check credentials, ask for references, etc.

By the way, why would the Lennox guy say you need a 13-14 SEER unit and then quote you a ~20 SEER unit? Doesn't make sense to me.

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Thanks for the information. You guys are correct. When I checked the specific model number I noticied that I was wrong on the Lennox unit. The quote is actually for an XC15, which may make a lot more sense. Thnaks for the info regarding the fact that the Trane XR 13 is not as quiet as the installer was making it sound. Any thoughts on the Lennox XC15? Thanks again for your help and sorry for the incorrect model number on my original post.

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Post the model numbers of both the condenser (outside unit) and air handler. Trane model# will be something like 2twx...and air handler 2tee...

With model numbers, we can tell you actual SEER/EER as well as btu output. Some 3-ton rated (36,000 btu systems) may be only 34,000 btu actual.

Best to you.

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I missed the 4TTR3036A Trane model# in the original post. There are 1753 possible ARI matches with that condenser. Need model#s of indoor coil and/or furnace.

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Niether of the installer quotes indicated the indoor coil, other than to state that a compatable coil will be installed into the furance. The furnace that the units are being mated to is a 1995 vintage mid-effeciency Carrier furance, that apparently will not allow more than 3.25 ton unit due to the blower size. I do not have the model of the furance here with me at my office. That story was consistent amoung both of the installers.

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To provide the info that you need, the contractors need to provide you with the coil model#. You do not need, or want, a mismatched coil with a new condenser. Model#s are the only way for you to know if you are getting a matched set. There are 3rd party coils that are rated by the American Refrigeration Institute (ARI) if you are not being supplied an OEM Trane or Carrier coil due to size limitations. You want an ARI-rated matched set.

The "36" in the Trane model number means 3 tons. You will probably get no more than 13 SEER by using the blower in the original furnace, so getting any higher than a 13 SEER condenser is probably a waste of money, as far as efficiency goes. A 14 SEER (or higher) condenser may be quieter or offer other benefits, but not more efficient due to the old blower.

Good luck.

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Garyg, thanks for the information. I will ask each of the installers about the coil that they are quoting. Any thoughts on Trane verus Lennox?

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"Any thoughts on Trane versus Lennox?"

- Not specifically. I need all of the model numbers to help answer that question pertaining to your 2 choices. I own a new Goodman that some consider a step down from Trane or Lennox.

A few other questions for you to ponder:
- What are the warranties for the compressor, coils, and other parts?
- Have you considered a "PARTS AND LABOR" warranty?
- Is Molson Golden less expensive in Alberta than it is in Baltimore (presently paying about $18 per case)?

Take care.

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Hi garyg,

I have been out of town for a while, and have not been back to this baord since mid last week. the installer for the Trane is giving a 10 years parts and labour whereas the Lennox is a 5 year parts (and I am not sure about the labour). Now that I am back in town I will do some follow up on the question of the coils that they intent to match this up with.

Thanks very much for the help and insight. By the way the Molson Golden is in the 15 to 20 dollar range here in Alberta as well.

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