Help identify wood floor & advice for care

imgarretNovember 28, 2011

Hello, a couple of years back we purchased a vacation home in VT that has hardwood floors throughout. I am wondering if someone can identify the wood, and give any advice on how to clean/maintain this type of floor. I'm guessing it's "character" cherry? It seem fairly hard and does not seem to dent like the prefinished Cherry floors I have at home. As for the finish...At first I thought it was just stained and unfinished, but I did a water drop test and it beads up, so I'm guessing it's got some kind of matte finish on it. I love the matte look, but it's getting a little dull in places and I'm not sure if I should wax. Floor is about 6 years old, but gets little traffic. Any advice would be appreciated. Photo's .....

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We have a vacation place on Thompson's Point on Lake Champlain. Can't wait for Memorial day!

I agree that your floor has some kind of finish on it, but what can't be determined by a picture. Regardless, you can possibly add a coat of the same gloss level in a waterborne polyurethane and preserve your floor, if the existing finish is compatible with the new.

Don't use any consumer-grade finish. Don't use OrangeGlo or any consumer-grade quick fix...and don't wax it.

Maybe it's Waterlox and can be touched up with more of that product. Ideally, you can go back to the seller and find out what was used as a finish on the floor or call in a professional floor finisher for an assessment.

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