Polishing polished marble floors

sugar_maple_30November 4, 2009

My recently installed polished Crema Marfil foyer tiles (I know, I know - dumb move!) already have a couple of etch marks. Also I stupidly used the vacuum (wince) and it left a couple of scratches. (It also left marks on hardwood - who knew?)

My question is I'm thinking of having it professionally polished after the winter - will that take the etches and scratches out or make them less noticeable, or am I wasting my money?

Also, it was suggested to me that I have them honed. Good or bad idea? I don't want to ruin them.

They're a worry, but, man, are they pretty!

Thanks for any advice.

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Yes, it'll take care of the scratches and etching. As for honing, it'll help keep things like that from being as noticeable, but it won't stop them from happening.

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Thanks Bill. I was hoping for you advice.

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Thanks for the info

Here is a link that might be useful: Polishing Company

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