noisy floors

KelliSeanNovember 26, 2012

Hi, We bought a home last winter that is 6 years old.

#1 We have noticed several areas of the kahrs wood floors that squeak the intensity seems to fluctuate with the seasons we live in alaska and have forced air. It is pretty bad between the bottom of the stairs and hall wall could it be installed to tight and rubbing? It drives me nuts.

#2 The other noisy area is the master bedroom is a cheep laminate floor that sounds like hollow plastic as my pets walk across it. It sort of makes crackling sounds in the room below (family room) if anyone walks on it. It sounds like the ceiling is going to come down.

Of course we didn't notice this until we moved in.

I am all for replacing the laminate in the master but I want to make sure I replace it with something that will be quiet. This was a very expensive home for us and we want to enjoy it not regret buying it.

Thank you

Kelli in AK

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Kahr's make one of the highest quality floors so it must be either the installation or more likely the subfloor is uneven.
You really need a good professional to check it out for you.

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Sophie Wheeler

In addition to assessing the construction issues, you should be running a humidifier to keep the moisture levels up. Air that is too dry in a home will void the warranty on any wood product, including flooring and cabinetry. Wood likes conditions similar to what humans find comfortable. Your goal is humidity around 30%, fluctuating no more than 10% in either direction.

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