I Stopped Dieting and Lost 12 Pounds

shannonplus2June 5, 2006

Well, it was about a year ago that I said "enough". No more dieting! I just decided to eat what I wanted, and whatever weight I gained, well, I would just have to live with it. But then, over the next several months, I found that I didn't want so much, since I now allowed myself to have everything, the cravings for "bad" foods disappeared. Since I wasn't hungry all the time, the periodic binging stopped. I never want fast food or chips or candy any more--they've lost the appeal of "the forbidden", and now just seem greasy to me. I get full faster, and no longer have a compulsion to finish every last crumb, since there'll always be food I could have later or tomorrow. Slowly and almost imperceptibly, I lost weight. In about 8 months, I lost 12 pounds and kept it off, totally effortlessly. I am no longer cranky from hunger pangs and cravings. Plus, I exercise more, cause I have more energy, cause I am not hungry. My muscle tone has improved enormously since I stopped dieting.

At a party the other day, a woman whom I'd never met, asked me "how do I keep so fit?" (I was wearing a sleeveless shirt). It turns out she's a personal trainer, and is always interested in hearing people's regimen for staying in shape. When I told her I did yoga, swam, and also just ate everything I wanted, she couldn't believe it. I explained that when you can eat whatever you want, you end up eating less. Yesterday, I just treated myself to a scoop of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream. It was delicious, and I enjoyed every bite. But then I was really full, and just ate a light salad for dinner. I won't want ice cream for several weeks or even months, after that serving. I think that if people would stop dieting they would be much happier, and thinner.

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" I exercise more" I think those are the key words here; you probably jump started your metabolism by being more active, specially if you were not exercising at all before. I don't know what kind of dieting you were doing but this seems to be working for you and that's fantastic.

For me, I want sweets every day and crave them; I also have a hard time reducing my carbs intake. I don't diet per se but I have to constantly try to reduce my intake of sugar and bread.

weight watchers has a balanced way of eating that I refer to when I want to lose a few pounds.

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I saw an interesting program on TLC last night.
They said that the reason people over eat is to release dopamine in the brain. Apparently dopamine stimulates the pleasure center in our brains, so the more we eat, the more we want to eat. It's similar to an addicts high.

THEY also said that anything we find pleasurable--music, art, etc. can release dopamine as well.

EXERCISE is also a very good activity for dopamine production. So there is a definite correlation between exercise and reduced appetite and binge eating.

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mlaj2000, I saw that show last night too. I wonder if the dopamine response can be reset? Over the years I was not careful about what I ate & had put on 80 pounds. I wondered why I never felt full & was aware that I was eating more & more for pleasure. But this year I've been measuring amounts & am being very careful about portions. And I've cut out junk food. Now sometimes I feel stuffed after a meal. It's like less is more. I'm enjoying my diet very much too.

My husband is one of those people who doesn't have to pay strict attention to his diet. But alas, I'm not one of those!

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