Sue36 and others in Southern Maine and N.H., and Northern Mass

bill_vincentMay 19, 2006

How're you folks all making out? Not too much flood damage, I hope!!

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Just got back from 5 days there for my niece's wedding in Portsmouth, reception in York. What a mess!

Everyone OK I hope? Lots of water out there!!

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That's a fact. The good part is that it's towns all around Kennebunkport, so you know Dubya's gonna give em federal disaster dollars.

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Thanks for asking. Eliot did very well, much better than York, the Berwicks, etc. Our front yard flooded, but no water in the basement, thankfully. Getting to Boston in the early part of the week was a horror though, with Route 1 closed.

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Does anyone know about the Cape Neddick area? I think it is near York Beach. I have a dear email friend who lives in that area, and I haven't heard from her---I'm a bit worried.

Thanks for any information you have....

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Cape Neddick area is next to York, right where we were and it was flooded pretty badly. I don't believe there was a forced evacuation or anything. More a lot of water in yards and basements, low lying streets closed here and there, swollen rivers and streams, fear of dams breaking (they held). No one harmed that I heard of. More of a mess with property damage and major travel hassle.

I'm going to guess your friend is fine but busy with clean up and insurance issues.

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Sue-- I saw that!! I couldn't believe even rt 1 was closed! I was sure glad I didn't have anything going down there!!

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I've been thinking about all you in the flooded area too! My parents have friends in NH who have basement flooding but not much other damage. We've seen scary pics in the local paper here (New London Day in particular) but I've heard no report of injuries...

Anyone know how the cleanup is going? DH and I are scheduled to spend my birthday (mid-June) in York Beach (then on to Newport RI). He's worried that the stores and restaurants may not be open in the next 3-4 weeks, and thinks we should change our plans. I think, if the hotel is above water, and any of the stores or restaurants are open we could go support the economy. It's hard to know if we'd be in the way, or if our dollars would be appreciated, or even if there will be places open to sell those dollars.

any news?

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I'm in Derry, NH (south-eastern part of the state) and we got 10.2" of rain in 2 days. Spent last Sunday (Mother's Day) in CT with mom and family and came home to closed and washed out roads....oh yeah, and the 2" in our basement. We've pumped it out only once, because it keeps raining....water (yes 2") crept back in. Water table out back is too high and we just have to wait for that to diminish before we try pumping out again. I can't complain, and won't, because this is NOTHING compared to others including several friends that had to be evacuated by the National Guard and only take what they could carry.

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Cape Neddick suffered some of the worst damage in Maine, I believe. The Cape Neddick bridge was destroyed and will cost over $3 mil to replace. As far as hotels and restaurants in the Yorks go, they say they will be ready for tourist season. A few low-lying places may still be closed, but there are plenty of places that will be open.

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We're still draining water from our basement and my ceiling leaked enough to have to place buckets around my living room to catch the drops. Just what every woman wants for mothers day...a new roof! Seriously, what we had was nothing compared to those north of me.

Hey Bizzo, did you ever find a place to stay when you're here in Newport? Let me know if I can help.

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I was watching the news at the beginning of the week, and they showed some guy going down the street in a bassboat, which makes alot of sense, being that they have a much shallower draft than any other powerboat, but it just looked wierd!

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Sue36, your trip should be fine. Restaurants, inns, etc stayed open right through the rain!

Bill, it was a trip trying to get our rental car back to Revere on Monday with Route 1 closed. Cops closed exits off 128, our many alternate end runs failed. Funny thing is, they had no detour routes set up! I'll never forget the one cop saying: "You gotta get down to Revee-ah!? Gawd. Try that road ovah theuh. Just keep goin aun it. Geez. Good luck to ya!" Comforting.

We made it by pure luck. With DH muttering the twisty roads were "%$#*& paved cow paths". (Being in New England always tries his midwest sense of order and reliance on open sky.)

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Good ol' New England hospitality. AYUHH!!


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Lori316, thanks for remembering! To answer your question, see my post on Cooking. I bumped Caliloo's post from page 13 to page one today, before I checked in over here! (got a place, got a few more questions :) )

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sigh, my basement flooded, again, 2 feet of water (I'm north of boston, right near Saugus/rt 1). We flooded a couple years ago (first delay in new kitchen) and paid to have a very fancy interior drain system put in by Basement Technologies. Fast forward to Mother's day, and the dang pump was "faulty" and never activated. 2 feet of water. Ruined water heater, furnace, vinyl records!! :( and some furniture we were storing during construction. I am just now cleaned up enough to figure out if I get anything more than the $1000 (already got the pump replaced) they promise. It cost me $1000 to get a new water heater, which was only 2 yrs old from the last flood!

More money which means more delays re-starting my kitchen. I really miss my apartment! But I did not have to leave my home or have sewage, many folks were/are a lot worse off. A brand new house on a pond on my street is for sale in the mid $900s, and instead of on the pond it became IN the pond...

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Lori and LPolk, that's terrible, I'm so sorry!

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