What the heck happened to Suggestions Forum?

fairegoldMay 17, 2006

It went woosh, all history went away. There have lately been a few comments that were critical. But to lop it ALL off?

Anyone else notice? Or is this just a temporary glitch?

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Oh, good grief! (Does anyone still say that?)

The Suggestions forum (which used to be Suggestions & Comments, but I guess they got tired of the complaints) is still there, but all the posts are gone, except for those of the past 2 days. I sure hope the powers-that-be don't tamper with all of our old discussions and conversations HERE!

Do you suppose it has anything to do with the iVillage sale? I'm not sure of the timing of that.


Here is a link that might be useful: Suggestions forum

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Very strange!

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I saw some messages, maybe in home decorating, from Tamara, that they have noted all the helpful suggestions about new forums in their records, but that they felt it was unnecessary to keep them posted for all to view. I for one feel that they resemble the USSR or some other communist nation, in that they won't allow any negative feedback.

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LOL I didn't know they had changed it from Suggestions and Comments to only Suggestions. Well, I suggest they take better care of their members if they want to keep them. I posted a thread over there last week about a graphic photos. They finally got around to deleting them but never sent me email with an apology or an explanation on why the photos were there for days.

I look for this thread to disappear soon.

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