Great find on copper pots and pans

jojocoMarch 6, 2012

I love copper cookware. To me it is the perfect marriage of form=function. But the price has always put it out of my reach.

There was a Craigslist ad in my neck of the woods yesterday for vintage copper pots. Seven in all with lids. Asking price was $225. I emailed the owner telling her I was very interested, and then I emailed LindaC to get her opinion. Her words, and I quote, 'RUN!!!'

And so I did. I don't know much about copper pots, and there is no identifying marks that I could find anywhere, but they are, in my opinion, blissfully beautiful. I also know that on the big pot, a pale copper hue is almost evident so I know re-tinning is in my future. And so are large biceps.

I can live with both.


I apologize but it has been so long since I have posted a picture that I forgot how to place it in the post. The link is to Photobucket.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Jo, those are just beautiful, and that is a GREAT find. Enjoy them.


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Nice! I have a large copper collection and would say you scored!

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OMG - those are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on the GREAT score!


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WOW! You did good Jo.
Linda gives good advice.

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What a find Jo! They are beautiful pans. Congrats on a great deal. NancyLouise

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Wow, gorgeous, and a great find!

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You should buy a lottery ticket too. Use that karma while it's hot.

To keep it shiny, get a tin of Twinkle copper polish paste, $4 at hardware stores or Sur La Table. Not everyone has it. Every time you use a copper pot, after washing it and rinsing it, wipe on some Twinkle paste and then rinse off. The brown, yellow, or purple oxidation (color reflects the temperature) will rinse off. If you let it get more heavily oxidized, you may have to rub in the paste a bit. Twinkle will not abrade away the polished shine.

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