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allnewappliancesMay 11, 2011

Hi all - I know this is so unrelated to kitchens, but you all have helped me so much with the design and selections of my kitchen...so I thought that maybe some of you may have some knowledge in this area.

Do you know of any good websites for decorative mailboxes....I have done some searches and came up with a bunch, but I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with specific ones.

Thanks in advance...and again sorry my post is OT.

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There's a whole industry for decorative mailboxes out there, but I have to tell you, my mailman told me he is grateful that I have a large, standard, domed mailbox. It's easy to put the mail in. It's just painted with the trim color of the house, and looks nice, if plain.

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I looked in my area about 10 years ago and didn't see one I thought wasn't cheesy or too country. I made my own. I took our old mailbox and mosaic'd it with some little colored leaf-shaped tiles. I used them like petals to make a few flowers of varying sizes. Then I filled in the background with pieces of broken field tile. Oh, and I used the leaf tiles to write my house number too.

Unfortunately, when I went to the house yesterday to let the electrician in, I found large sections of tile peeling off.

Are you looking for a particular style? Have you tried etsy?

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Thanks. I am so not crafty or handy at all, that I wouldn't attempt to make one LOL. I do want a large mailbox b/c the one we have now is so narrow I can hardly fit my hand in to get the mail out. There seems like there are sooo many sites out there for mailboxes, just like any other item and I didn't want to use a fly by the night newer site. I will definitely check out etsy site, I hadn't thought about that one. Thank you.

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