Cooktop on the island?

lavender_lassMay 16, 2011

I've been noticing something lately. So many magazines show kitchens with a beautiful range/cooktop...lovely backsplash and stunning hood...facing a wall. Many have the sink (or prep sink) on the island.

Now, I realize that prep work is 70% of the time in the kitchen, but I don't know if I want to have my back to people, while I cook. My own plan has the same I started thinking about this the other day.

I've been watching Laura Calder's French Cooking at Home show...and I am loving her huge island with prep space and cooktop. While I realize this is a cooking show, it all looks so well laid out and the flow is amazing. She grabs something out of the fridge, pops a pot into the oven and turns to set dishes into the sink (behind her, but with these gorgeous windows overlooking her deck/garden).

It made me I want to be turning my back to everyone, while I stir a sauce or saute a veggie? Maybe island cooktops are a bit dated, but there's something so appealing about that 'hearth feeling' in the middle of the kitchen. Plus, how fabulous would it look to hang some copper pots over the cooktop?

I realize venting and not sitting too close to the cooktop are concerns, but I still think it would be wonderful to interact with friends and family, while cooking. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? Anyone have (had) this set up in their kitchen? Thanks in advance :)

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I had one in an island years ago. It was a very small island with seating infront of the stove top and even with the popup vent i did not feel it was safe when people where seated. It might not be as bad with a larger island or one with out seating. Lots of people do like this setup and for the record i am a bit of a nervous nelly about things.

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Roarah- I've wondered about the seating. I think I'd have to have a raised bar area, behind the cooktop...or no seating there and only on other parts of the island. I'm a bit of a 'nervous nelly' myself, when it comes to the nieces and nephews sitting too close to the cooktop. That being said, with a big island, it would be easy to keep the seating in the prep area and have other storage behind the cooktop.

What did you think of the pop up vent? I've read they're not as effective as hood vents, especially with gas ranges/cooktops. Since we don't have gas lines to the farm, we'll be using electric, but I still don't want the cooking smells lingering in the kitchen. My vent now is awful, so I don't even fry fish in the winter...only bake :)

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Lavendar, we remodeled out last kitchen and put the cooktop on the island and we loved it! The island was about 4 x 9' all one level.

You would have to do some grease flying frying to get to your guests on the other side. Being that we don't fry anyway, it was never a concern. We had a downdraft that we rarely used.

Like you said most of the time is prep work. The way I cook, I prep some, throw it in a pan, prep some more, throw it in, etc. I want it all to be next to each other and not on a separate countertop. I realize the cooking shows have to be facing the camera but for us it works best that way too. I want to add, that the counter that in theory should have been our prep area we rarely used. It was a 5' countertop between the frig and sink but it stared into a wall of cabinets. Most everyone when prepping would go to the island.

Our new house & kitchen remodel will have the range on the island (with a slightly larger island) too. My other counter run will have a window over the sink in the middle of a 15' run. Both my DH and I do not like looking into a wall 2' in front of us.

Imagine yourself in each of the layouts and see how you feel. I know I'm willing to give up other things for the openess. As you know it's just about tradeoffs.

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Aloha- That is so good to see! I was hoping there would be some good reviews on island cooktops :)

I prep/cook in the same way you do. If I'm going to be standing somewhere for very long, I'd much rather be looking out a window or across the island, than into a wall. How big is your new island?

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LL i much prefer my hood vented to the outside but the downdraft provided a nice seems there are always compromises:(. I think a raised bar would be nice or a large island like aloha's. I would have liked mine if there was more space between stove top and seating.

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The new island will be 4 x 10, so just a tad larger. When we purchased this house we lamented that we would never again have the awesome kitchen we left but it gave us everything else we wanted. After living here a few months though, and thinking outside the box, we were able to come up with an even better layout then before!

I am only 5'3" so having a completely flat area was important to me. There seems to be the "camp" of I want to hide my dishes" to the other "camp" I want a large surface for working on. A flat area also makes a great buffet too.

I know for myself, it's sometimes hard to stretch out of the comfort zone, even if it's for something I want. If it's something that your gravitating towards, I would definately explore the island cooktop like you are.

From what I've read from others that don't like their range on an island, it's because the island is too small. If you can arrange things around, it might be a good possibility, if not you will know that it just wasn't quite right.

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Thanks to both of you for the helpful responses! :)

I've been thinking about 'splitting' the island, with the cooktop half, with granite countertop and raised counter behind it, for stools.

The other part of the island would be wood (for prep) and all one height. This would have stools that could slide under the prep area, when not being used, so it would make a nice buffet area.

Here's a rough layout. Thanks for your help with this!

This is sort of what I was thinking of...but the lower level (probably butcher block) would come out just as far, with room for stools to slide under. No wine rack, just room for another stool. My husband has a huge family, so it's nice to have extra seating, when they stop by.

Here are the type of stools that would slide under the lower level, leaving room for a buffet area, when no one is sitting there. Not all the marble (beautiful, but too fancy) just the stools :)

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Just not feeling the love with half the island raised and half not. Nice in theory, but I don't like the way it, what if I raise the entire seating area, something like this?

Here's Laura Calder's kitchen (my inspiration) to show the idea I'm trying to copy...but I don't want the cooktop on the same level as the seating. My island is not big enough and I can't take down the wall behind it, to gain more space.

Here's another kitchen, which I like for the dish storage, next to the sink, similar to my plan, below. I would not want the dish storage all the way down to the countertop, as this will also be my baking area, but I like the glass doors and the white cabinets. Maybe a wood finish on the island would be more unfitted. Same backsplash as before (which I love) and probably ceramic tile on countertop around sink and maybe a stone or wood on the island.

Thanks for taking the time to look and let me know what you think. I added a banquette in the corner (separate dining room behind fridge/oven wall).

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Sorry about the pictures being gone...I had photobucket issues, but now I'm with Picasa.

So, here are a few photos of Laura Calder's kitchen and my question is...does anyone else have a cooktop on the island? I have room for a longer island, but not very deep, so I'm thinking of a raised section, behind the cooktop (on one end) and prep space with stools, on the other. I'm still considering whether to get a hood or downdraft and would appreciate any more insights into that choice, too.

What I love about Laura Calder's kitchen is all the windows over the sink and the long island. She has her cooktop on one end, too, and uses the other side for baking. I have to admit...I really like the blue tile, too :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

This picture is a bit small, but it shows the appliances and a bit more of the cooktop area. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Here's one of the kitchens I had shown above...can't find the other ones...sorry. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Lavendar, as you know we have done an about face from the cooktop on the island to an outside wall and couldn't be happier with the decision!

As I said before we had the cooktop on an island before and we loved it! It was the lure of having it there once before that blurred our vision to some aspects.

As I said the spot that should have been for our prep zone (between the sink and frig) we would rarely if ever use. After really examining why we chose the island cooktop over the "ideal" prepping zone, was because the ideal prep zone was closed off. The inconvenience of having to go back and forth to the sink went unnoticed because we had a huge OPEN area to do the prep.

With everyone's help (especially Buehl's), we finally saw that we could have ALL great prep areas if we moved the cooktop. The windows on either side of the cooktop keeping that area open, those same windows keep the 6' of prep zone on both sides very open with 3' windows just above. Putting the sink on the island we were better able to position the cabinets having a larger prepping area instead of 2 smaller ones.

I was lured by our old kitchen and the food programs who I think ALL have the cooktop on the island. We got to thinking though how often are people actually over when we are at the cooktop and for us the answer was almost NEVER. By the time guests arrive most everything is done. I often will throw a salad together though, in which I would have probably adjusted my prep by rinsing items (back to guests)and prepping in a less desirable area just to be by the guests. Now I can rinse and prep and never turn my back.

We also started watching our EVERY move and noticed how often we were using the sink. Even though it was only a few seconds usually it was extremely often.

Were you planning to have a prep sink? That would have "solved" things by putting an extra sink in but it seemed strange (and expensive) when our kitchen isn't that big. The last part of the design process really was difficult but now it takes care of everything that could be a concern (except I still have a few tweaking questions).

I thought I remember seeing a plan of yours before (of course I could be wrong). Where are you at with a "final" design? I just don't want you lured into a design because of what can appear as the ideal solution when it may not be.

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Aloha- Thanks so much for your thoughtful post :)

I'm still playing with my design, but it's easier, now that the farmhouse is getting cleaned up. I was initially going to hurry up and start demo, but now, I've realized I want to take my time and really find a plan that works with the house, the views and the history, if that makes sense.

While I really wanted a 'french country cottage' feel to the house...I'm starting to realize that it may not be a good idea to change things, too much. As my husband's family has been out (since we've been cleaning out the farmhouse) they have shared such great stories and memories of their childhood. So many holidays, summer sleepovers, canning parties, etc. took place in their grandparents' farmhouse. So, I'm starting to think a slightly different approach might be better.

As for the kitchen, I'm still leaning towards an L-shaped kitchen, with either the cooktop or a prep sink, on the island. I'm just not sure I want to have my back to people, while I cook. You've done an excellent job of realizing exactly how you use your kitchen and how much time you spend, in each zone. I need to do that, too.

As for cooking shows...I think most have the cooktop on the island, so they can face the camera. Have you seen how many have a cooktop...and a big range, behind them? It's kind of funny. At least Laura Calder's kitchen looks like it's really her kitchen, which she actually cooks in, every day.

Have fun with your remodel and I always appreciate your input! :)

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You know, talking about ranges behind people, on cooking shows, with cooktops on the island, made me think of something I think Marcolo said. Just like a prep sink makes sense, so would a burner or two, separate from the range. Not a full cooktop, just a freestanding burner, maybe two.

So many things do make a mess, like fried chicken, grilling meats, sautes, etc. but when you're cooking sauces, melting chocolates, anything that you have to stand and stir for a long might be nice to not face the wall. I'm wondering if a burner might be a smart way to incoporate that function, when you need it. Hmmm...I may have to think about this some more. LOL

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Lavender, I know you really want your range to be on your island. If you did place it on the perimeter would you have any open space around you? a window? a room where others sat?

I've tried to think outside the box like you are in search of reasonable alternatives if my original idea won't work. I think a portable range that you can set anywhere is a great idea. I'm sure they don't provide as much power as a true cooktop but so often you don't need all the much power.

My memory isn't as good as your, could you repost your layout?

BTW, I really loved the kitchen you submitted the other day on another thread. We'll eventually (way on the backburner) fix up our unfinished basement and put in a full kitchen so we can live down there in the summer -walk out with a ton of large windows. This one is my inspiration for when that comes along. Thanks for posting it!

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Aloha- Hi! Actually, I've been going back and forth, between two of which would have the cooktop on the island. After much debate, I honestly don't think I need a formal dining room (although they are nice) so the plan that 'won' is the plan that doesn't have the cooktop on the island. Instead, it's the L-shaped kitchen with the work to a small seating area on one side and a banquette/dining table on the other.

Summerfield just did a beautiful plan for me, but I'm asking for a few small changes (slightly more room in the bathrooms) but I'll post what it looks like, so far. Later, I'll post the finished plan. Also, here's a cute inspiration picture for the facade. Not exactly like mine (chimneys don't match) but I love the arbor with the swing :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Lavender those are the kind of exteriors fascades that I get sidetracked with as I just drool over when we are driving around looking for landscaping ideas. I feel compelled to jump out of the car and go into the house (of course I don't).

What a welcome home to come through the front or the back when you enter through the greenhouse. Your plan is so thoughtfully layed out.

We too didn't want or need a formal dining room but the house was already built. Just recently though, I moved some things around so we are using the dining room as an office most of the time and can shift some things around in about 5 minutes back to a full dining room as needed. My DH works from home and it made no sense to leave it empty everyday while he worked in the unfinished cold basement. He was reluctant at first but with the great views, close proximity of the kitchen and bathroom, he's adjusting quite fine. Whenever we I have guests over during the daytime though, he does move back downstairs to have quiet.

From what you've mentioned about what you want (and don't want), I'm a bit concerned about the layout of your kitchen. It looks to me, you will have your back to your guests almost always, except when you are serving something. Could you move your sink or at least a prep sink to your island.

Have you thought of a U-shaped kitchen. IMO this kitchen does not provide what you've talked about. When was the last time you had a kitchen thread go through GW.

The original idea we had for our kitchen would have worked reasonably for what we wanted, but we both really like the newest plan much, much more. I'm sure you are sick and tired of rehashing things, but this kitchen does not feel like you.

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Aloha- Thank you! I do like the facade, although it won't be quite that 'tudor' but I love the door and the pergola. And the rooflines are almost identical to my little house. The greenhouse will be wonderful, if we still have any money left, at that point (LOL) but it can always be added later...just like the screened porch, off the master bedroom. I wanted to have some flexibility in the build, since you never know what you'll find with an older remodel.

As for the kitchen, I always welcome your comments and suggestions! The kitchen layout is not ideal, but the island is where I will do most of my prep work. I plan to have a plate rack to the right of the sink and maybe a narrow glass upper, to the left. On either side of the range I was planning to have solid uppers...but now I am thinking about hanging some pots and pans, between the range and wall oven.

It is difficult, when you're working with existing space (as you know) and I really don't want to move any load bearing walls...which kind of defines the size of the kitchen. I also don't have a lot of gadgets or 'toys' since I bake a lot from scratch and do not make many elaborate dishes.

I did consider an island cooktop...but one of the biggest factors against it was no upper cabinets. I'm tall and I love having the olive oil, spices, herbs, cornstarch, etc. right by the stove, where I can grab it, while I stir a sauce or season a dish.

The island will probably be wood with a marble inset (I love to bake) and I wanted a place where the nieces/nephews could sit and 'help' me bake. When there are more than two, we can always decorate Christmas cookies at the table :)

I also really wanted a seating area, by the wood stove, to make this more of a country kitchen. For me, that is the function I wanted...and I don't think a lot of GWers really 'get' that, since they probably cook for bigger crowds and make more elaborate dishes than I do. On a regular basis, it's just me and my husband, maybe my mom or a few friends stop by...and then busy weekends with family...but no big meals. More appetizers, baking treats or picking veggies out of the garden and washing them...and probably serving them with mac n cheese, since all kids seem to love it and it's so easy to fix!

However, if you would like to offer some suggestions, I would really appreciate your input. It has to be L-shaped (so it can be open to dining and seating) and I was told on GW that the fridge should not go where the oven is, as it would be too close to the wood stove. The sink window actually looks through the french door into the porch, which I I haven't come up with too many other possibilities.

As for a prep's a good idea, but I like to be able to move the island, when necessary, so plumbing isn't really an option. I do have the sink in the pantry area (which is the older sink from the farmhouse, with built in drainboards on each side) and will make a great place to wash veggies.

I think your office/dining room is a wonderful idea and I like the flexibility of the space. I'm so glad you've found a kitchen plan that you love and will function in your space. I do like the cooktop with windows on either side and think it will look amazing! The island sink will be so easy to use and visit with friends and family. My only concern was you fridge/oven being so close, possibly without enough landing area. Since that's not going to be a problem and you have pantry storage in the laundry sounds like you're ready to start anytime. How exciting!

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Aloha- I found a picture of a cooktop with windows on both sides (which I'm sure you've seen before) and I know the style is all wrong...but I like all the light that you get with the bigger windows! This is more like your plan, right? I think it's going to look great! From Kitchen plans

Here is a picture I found of my 'dream window' to go over the kitchen sink. Probably WAY out of my price range, but it definitely has a bit of that 'fairy tale' charm :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

It's very similar to the window in my other 'fairy tale' type of kitchen. I love the shape of the vent/hood, with all the curves and scallops. I'm sure it's a pain to clean but what a feature! LOL From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Lavendar, thanks so much for including the window that mimics an angle that we are likely to see a lot. I hadn't seen it before.

Your dream window and vent are wonderful. I've seen some pretty awesome windows from "salvage" of tearouts. I'm sure if you started looking now, by crunch time you'd have your window. The vent hood could be tricky to find, but....

I was confused since on 10/9 you wrote "cooktop or a prep sink, on the island" so I thought you were still considering something on the island. Having the island mobile though would be nice. I'm not very good at making layout help so besides adding a prep sink, I don't have anything. I was just concerned since you had even started this thread because you loved the idea of facing out and now the kitchen you've designed has your back mostly to the visitors. There are so often concessions we have to make but I'm not sure your exact priorities.

I was so focused on looking at the kitchen I didn't notice the lovely sitting area off to the side. What a fun place for visitors to come over!

Where are you getting all these great pictures BTW. You're turning into the next Boxerpups.

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LOL! I don't know, I just found these pictures that day, looking for something else. I'm glad you like them, though :)

Sorry for the confusion...I was thinking about two different house plan layouts, not just kitchen layouts. One had the formal dining room, with kitchen in back (with small eating table/banquette) and that one had a bigger island and nice view...but no room for the wood stove or seating area.

This plan just seems more 'us' out on the farm, since we don't really need a formal dining area (as nice as one is, in theory) and I just really liked that little seating area, with the wood stove. Since we now have the dining and seating areas, I feel like my back is only facing one area at a time, but I can still turn my head and talk to the other area. Plus, when I'm baking (my favorite thing to do in the kitchen) the island is going to be perfect!

This plan also reflects the house, as it is now, much more than my other idea. The corner windows in the seating area are already there and the dining area is currently, the old porch. The living room fireplace is beautiful brick, but off center (5' on one side, 3' on the other) and I think the corner seating area in the kitchen, kind of mimics that 'informal' style.

My other favorite thing...the dining table can be huge, when we do have people over. That room is 16' long and a table with a couple of leaves would work. I should be able to seat 8-10 people, no problem. I've always wanted to be able to do that, whether it's for the holidays or just people stopping by and having a snack, in the summer.

How is your planning going? You have such a great, open's going to look amazing, when you're all done. What side does the back face? Was it west? Anyway, just wondered if you're adding any arbors or anything for shade or to grow plants on...I just love flowers blooming, outside the windows.

We have deer (who love to nibble on my roses) so I've been okay with shrubs that I can hide behind lavender and other herbs, but not much space for climbing roses. I'm hoping we can fence in a little courtyard area, off the dining room and greenhouse...and actually have climbing pink roses, around the dining room window (behind the banquette). There's a beautiful one (John Davis?) that is hardy to zone 3...and that should work, even with our cold winters! That would be so cottage-y and maybe some wisteria on the big pergola, with the swing. Right now, I use a lot of clematis, which is also pretty, but the deer do not eat it! LOL

Sorry to digress into gardening, but I've been planning gardens (for next spring) the last few days. We had someone hit our house with their car last Saturday night (scary) and completely take out our front porch and part of our living room bay window. He also hit both our vehicles (hit one into the other) and of course, he's uninsured. We currently live in a manufactured home, next to the farmhouse, we plan to remodel...and for once, I'm SO glad that it is a manufactured home, because a stick built home would have had much more damage. Not only is the main part of the house up a big higher (about 3' off the ground) but it can take a good shake, without walls cracking (they do travel down the higway to get to the building site). Luckily, we have great insurance, so it should be okay...but all this mess has a little silver lining...a new porch means I can move the stairs over a few feet and make room for another bed against the front of the house. The south side would be perfect for growing tomatoes (which do terribly here) and that would be wonderful!

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I just noticed my plan disappeared! Here it is :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Lavender. I see what you mean by having an area just to your side that will always be there. I wanted our lake views (North) to be easily seen from the kitchen. They will be just to the side not straight on but still easily seen. I too love your sitting area. I thought of doing something like that but was vetoed out. We have our dinette table there instead which is encased in favorite spot to sit in the house. With the 2 windows and the wood stove, I think that will likely be a favorite area of mine too. I love modern but when you describe many of the elements of your home, it gives me such a warm fuzzy, that it gives me pause as to what I really want.

I definately noticed how you could put a very long table in your dining area. Our last house had an area that we could spill over into the family room for big family occassions (after the grand piano had taken over the formal dining room). The problem though I had was trying to find a large dining room table. I found one that could fit 10 comfortably and 12 squeezing. Our current dining room is smaller so it fits but w/o room to spare. Our's is an awkward (angles) 14' long so I'm sure your won't have any problem for space.

We're a little stuck about where to put the oven. I'd like to have a full range but they stick out so much! There are options we just have to choose one (decision overload).

The 2 windows in the kitchen face west but the major bank of windows is on the North which faces the lake (side view from kitchen).

Don't apologize about gardening since this is my number 1 hobby! A bachelor lived here prior to us and did hardly any plantings. He did put in some beautiful dry stacked retaining wall which got a good chunk of the $$$ out of the way. We've got to get some walkways & patios put in before we can finish the landscaping though.

Wisteria doesn't grow well around here so I'm usually planting clemetis too. Your pergola is going to look gorgeous...what a great entrance!!!

Once the hardscaping is installed, I'll be finishing off several large flower beds. We plan to xeriscape so lots of plants and little grass. I planted some hydrangeas and dead nettle about a month ago. We had only 1 tree in the entire yard :( I've since planted a European Mountain Ash, Hawthorne, Austrian Pine and Serviceberry. I have room for just one more. We're very limited with HOA requiring us not to obstruct the lake views from neighbors. I've heard the wildlife gets to vegetable gardens around here but I'll have to see if anyone is successful.

The new windows for the kitchen would have an OK view if I could actually see through them now. We're going to enhance that more with the Pine & Hawthorne we've planted. Those should improve the view of the neighbors house and then we can spice it up with smaller lovelier plants. DH adjusted some of the sprinkler heads so we can start getting the yard put together...I miss having a nice yard.

Lavendar, you sure know how to make lemons into lemonade. It's lucky no one was hurt! I can't imagine how scary that would have been. Are you planning to keep the manufactured home as a guest house when you finish off the main house?

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The manufactured home is over 20 years old, but it's in great shape! It was the 'cadillac' of manufactured homes, in its day. LOL

We actually work from home, so when we get the farmhouse remodeled, this will be our business. We already use about half the home for our business, so it will be nice to have more living space! I think the farmhouse kitchen is my favorite part of the plan...along with the living room fireplace and all the porches :)

What is your gardening zone? Mine is 4 (almost 5 in a protected, southeast exposure) and there's supposed to be a wisteria that does well in zone 4. The farmhouse faces southeast, so I think (is it Chinese wisteria?) will do well there.

After all the 'drama' with the truck hitting our home...we're trying to decide how to keep this from happening, again. I've been wanting to put some posts and chain in for climbing roses (since that would be easier to hide from the deer) and maybe we can use that somehow, to keep vehicles away from the house. Still coming up with ideas...but I'd like to do something pretty and practical.

Your kitchen is going to be so nice! I'm sure you can easily incorporate some of the warm, cozy feel of a cottage/traditional space, with a more modern style. I try to think about what feels 'cozy' about a picture I see on the internet or in a magazine...and how I can fit that into my little farmhouse. Sometimes little details can make all the difference...and I'm sure that would be the case, with any style :)

Your trees sound beautiful! Post some pictures, if you get the chance. I'd love to see your yard and your views!

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Aloha- Still a bit shaken up by the 'truck incident' and I've been debating about making a change to my remodeling plans. I don't know if I want all my main living spaces, in the front of the house, anymore. I know it's probably not a likely thing to have happen twice...but I don't like to sit too close to the front windows any longer. So, I'm rethinking the kitchen and maybe opening it up to the back of the house.

This (of course) makes a mess of my current plan, but it does open up some interesting possibilties. I could have a more formal dining room in the front and a banquette and small seating area by the fire, in the back. This would give us more privacy, while still taking advantage of some of the nice light in front. I need to draw it out, but it would also give me a chance to rethink the kitchen...and maybe put that cooktop, back on the island. If the kitchen is no longer open on two sides, I don't think I want my back to everyone, while I'm using the cooktop.

So, for now I guess I'm just throwing some ideas around and probably over-reacting to what happened...but that being said, I do think it might solve a few problems with my current plan. I like everything, but that it doesn't have two downstairs bedrooms and a second shower. We may not be able to put a bath upstairs and it would be nice to have one bath for guests and one for us.

Anyway, off to draw...hope things are going well for you and your remodel. Take care and enjoy the holidays! :)

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I must have deleted the wrong thing...because my pictures are gone again! LOL

Here is the new floor plan, without the master suite, which will be to the left of the plan. I'm still working on that area, but I like the rest of the layout. The island is prep for now, since I don't think it's big enough for the cooktop...and I do like the cool vent/hood, in the picture above.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year! :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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