Jerry Falwell & Yolanda King left us this week...

halfdecafMay 16, 2007

...and they both died because something went amiss with thier hearts.

The irony and symbolism is so rich to me. In the past couple of days I've heard the words "arrogant," "bigoted," and "hate-filled" spoken about Fallwell, while most people would remember King's father as someone with a passion for peace and justice. Two very different kinds of hearts, some would say, and yet they entered eternity to be with the God that they both knew at almost exactly the same time because their hearts stopped. This has caught me up short this week - caused me to reflect on the condition of MY heart, and called me to pause a little in the midst of my busy life to ask myself some questions about who I am and how my own heart is toward others these days...

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ironic indeed.

but for all of us, a good time to reflect, as you said.
Love and compassion, starting with yourself.

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What gets me is all I heard last night on any of the news programs is all the flap being raised over Falwell. Even at 11:00 last night-- not on the local news, not on Nightline (ABC) at 11:30, nor even CNN afterward, was a PEEP mentioned about Yolanda King's passing. For some reason that really bothered me.

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Negativity gets more attention than positiveness. Just listen and/or watch the news. Yolanda King brought people together with her spirit and beliefs. As for Jerry Falwell...'nuff said.

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