Unfitted kitchens?

lavender_lassMay 18, 2011

I'm really drawn to unfitted kitchens. They're so unique and really show the personality of the owner. There are some beautiful ones on this forum and the Small Homes forum. While it's probably more difficult to blend all those finishes together, it does create a cozy and comfortable kitchen, especially if you like the cottage, country or farmhouse styles.

Does anyone have (or want) an unfitted look to their kitchen? Are you mixing in more than one or two countertop choices? Maybe some painted and some wood cabinets? I like the freedom you have with this style...and it's great for repurposing old items and giving them new life. Mama Goose (on the Small Homes forum) does this so well. Anyone have any stories, pictures, links they'd like to share?

Thanks in advance...and if you've already posted pictures of your kitchen, post them again! It's the way many of us draw inspiration for our own spaces :)

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I love unfitted kitchens. My pieces were built as furniture, with finished sides and backs. I tease DH that I will take them all with me. ;D

I have three paint colors and one stain. Three countertop materials.

Given a do-over, I would stick the fridge in the pantry and only have a hutch on that wall.

I had the bases cut off all of our bathroom cabinets and feet installed so that they would look more furniture like too.

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen

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Allison- Your kitchen is so beautiful! It is the kind of unfitted kitchen we all dream of having :)

Mine will be far less grand, but hopefully incorporate some of the same ideas. I love your hutches and maybe I can use something like that for dish storage.

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Ikea has sold these for many years (Varde). Freestanding tables, benches, and furniture-like storage rather than built-in cabinetry.

Simply using legs rather than toekicks on the lower cabinets can achieve this look to some extent. Although it makes for difficult cleaning underneath the cabinets.

Some parts of a kitchen just want to be bolted in place though - the sink and oven for example.

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