Where is SheriLynn?

mlaj2000May 2, 2006

I haven't seen her posting in a while. Does anyone know if her kitchen is done?

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I lost track; she had tons of cabinets to refinish I think; maybe she's busy doing those and is not posting anymore. But hopefully she'll resurface and let us know what she's up to.

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I remember reading in a thread about "how long did your remodel take" that her kitchen was still not done. I think she was hoping for May 1st. Please Sheri.. tell us it's done!! And show us some new photos!!

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Does anyone have a link to her family web site? She has posted that in the past, perhaps we can reach her there. Also, I searched on her forum name, but came up with no information. Might she have changed her Garden Web ID?

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hi cup ~ This is her website: http://sherichase.com/progress/

When you searched the forum, did you use "sherilynn"? She doesn't post using "vasheri" anymore. I found a few threads that she posted to during April using "sherilynn".

What Reactions Do You Get From Others When Seeing Your Kitchen

Travertine Floor No Grout Lines

Record holders: Shortest/Longest Remodeling Time

It sounds like she's getting very close to finishing. :-)

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Hi Ladies...and Gents that may read. Am I done? Short answer: No. I haven't had time and now the weather's nice, we've had to focus on getting our landscape going. Grass is coming...now next week. It's been push and shove for months. Plans are being executed because of necessity andtiming, but not for the cabinets...yet. WELL...they are stripped, just needing detail. I did get that done before the pollen blew in here. Then we almost lost my mother and father in separate crisis. Three months of hospitalization and recovery. I'm sure you can imagine....

Then...a close family friend that is 76 had two critial emergency brain surgeries due to newly found, fast growing growths in his head. (He's the father of a guy I probably should have married.) So, he's like family. He lives here and I try to stop in to see him regularly. He's now having seizures, can't live alone, his wife died last August recovering from a horrible broken foot. What happened? She got infectious diarrhea while in a rehabilitation center.

On top of getting the results of the lawsuit that I won in name only, we've had another HUGE expensive crisis. The thread below will let you in on this mess. Bottom line, we had bugs in our trees...so many bugs trees were dying left and right. We held off on our landscaping until we found out what was wrong. I was so wrapped up in the cabinet lawsuit that I didn't focus on the trees until around Christmas. We started noticing new piles of sawdust at the base of our trees and I posted on Garden Web about this phenomenom. A guy that works for the Florida Division of Forestry, Forest Health Section is a forum member and ended up coming to our home to help identify our "problems". He took specimens to the entomologists at the state lab during several visits. Turned out at the time, at least 12~15 trees were bonifide dead. With all of the hurricanes here, we made the very expensive decision to take down about 60 trees around our house and site. TOTAL wipeout, except for the perimeter of the lot. We have been focusing on new trees, landscaping, had a hot tub built, paver patio put in. (Another story there.) And...then last Friday, my son washed clothes around 1 AM. I don't know how it happened, but the drain hose came out of the drain pipe and FLOODED my laundry room, wood floors, MBR closet, under my stairs and part of my bedroom carpet. I had to of course pull up carpeting, dry it, etc. As I type, my entire closet contents are in my foyer. I'm depressed as all get out.

I have company supposedly coming this weekend and we've diverted them to a hotel. I'm to the the point of who gives a care anymore? It's been so stressful around here with just 'life'...then add a 25.5 year old and a 20 year old that needs her chain yanked into the mix....finishing only half of her classes all year in college. My son has been given 30 days to find a place because his room is DISGUSTING..and the 20 year old may be right behind him. He's apartment hunting as I type.

My 13 year old daughter is blossoming and "spotting" for the first time...so I'll have more hormones in the mix shortly.

My 14 year old made the high school drumline and is ECSTATIC. Their drumline is coached by the D-Line Drummers for the Jacksonville Jaquars and are AWESOME. Band will keep him busy all summer...and the next four years.

OH...and remember the PERV-y, weird single neighbor that is enamored/fascinated with our 13 year old daughter...and other neighbor's little girls that are younger? Well, he is absolutely getting his credentials to teach in our county school system! Would you believe he was so BOLD and STUPID to chose my daughter's elementary to "observe"? Would you also believe that out of ALL of the classrooms in this county, he chose HER classroom to "observe" as part of one of his courses in college!!!

This guy is 48, was in the AF for 11 years, Master's Degree...and lives three doors down. Early in the school year I had the bus stop changed, take my daughter to the bus stop every day so she doesn't have to speak to this guy, AND have had to call the police because he kept trespassing and hanging around and I wanted in on record of his fixation with her. (there's more to this story...) ANYWAY...Two weeks ago, when I heard he was in HER CLASS ROOM, I had a conniption fit with the Principal because THIS was the SAME GUY I warned her about early in the year. She told me that she didn't realize it or STOP him if he had the right paperwork from his college professor. I told her that this is not some college kid, he's a MAN, on a MISSION, and he's EXECUTING THAT MISSION. He has a MASTER;s degree and has a fixation on my daughter that he is not shy about. He scares the heck out of her and us and IF he wasn't out of her presence, then I am going to take legal action because MY daughter has a right to be in the classroom...he can go to another school. They got him out of her class rooms (she changes classes), but he's SICK. He's CREEPY. AND of ALL of the classrooms in our county, do you think for one minute that it was by ACCIDENT that he ended up in her room, out in some PORTABLE CLASSROOM at the far end of the school property? Uh, no. It is NO accident. He's up to something.
Anyway, school will be out her in a few weeks and she'll go to another school next year. IF he ends up at the junior high, then she's out of there. I don't know what I'll do, but she will NOT be going to ANY school where he will be working. She's a tiny thing and lovely. He's even told her, "You're so exotic looking and beautiful...." as he just openly gazes at her. It's the WIERDEST thing. Even my older son said, "Man, give it a rest or leave!"

Gives us all the willies.

So, every week or so, I check out the site. I have been spinning my wheels, accomplishing little. I appreciate you remembering me and hope to now have my cabinets completed by my anniversary: JULY 1st.

I hope. =0) Now, if I could only lose this weight, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Trees Are being ATTACKED!! Thread

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Sheri: Talk about having to absorb way more bad luck than some of us combined!!! Forget about your weight; concentrate on your blood pressure, eating healthful foods, and exercise or meditation to reduce stress.

At least your neighborhood perv is stupid, since you, your daughter, and the rest of the family is on to him. That will protect your daughter. Forgive me if I am way off base, but I seem to recall that some of your kids are trans-racial adoptees. Is this daughter one of them? If yes, I am wondering if your neighbor is one of those guys who goes to Thailand, the Philippines, or other poor countries with young girls in the sex trade and has developed or lived out his fetish. If so, other Asian girls in your area could be at risk. [I know nothing about pervs and how much they discriminate; I just know there are guys out there who have a *thing* for Asian women, just as there are guys who have a *thing* for blondes, and others who have a *thing* for big breasts.]

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I don't know how to exercise anymore. Have you just ever felt proud that you could touch your toes and "do it"? I mean, really....I'm THAT out of shape. If I could only make myself "do" something.

What to hear a confession? I actually bought an AbLounger thingy for DH and I for Christmas. God knows bile filled my throat and I almost lost a gizzard seesawing on that thing. I HAVE to lose weight to even use that gizmo.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

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Sheri, with all that is going on in your life, you never fail to make me laugh! Your sense of humor is a lifesaver, I'm sure, and probably preserves your family's sanity and perspective when everything goes wrong at once.

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Pecanpie..glad you could laugh. What is it that they say about fluffy, happy people? Sigh...

Kitchenobsessed...yes...our daughter is Korean by race...American by choice! =) (Adopted at age 6 and thrilled to leave the orphanage behind!)

I bought about 80 more plants (3 gallon size) today, so we'll be busy, busy, busy this weekend. My company has diverted their trip to now show up on Monday. I got a call tonight that they're actually in town, but will be busy until then. I hope so. (They have family, here, too, but wanted to come to our house first.) If they show up tomorrow, that crappola is still in my foyer, rugs not reinstalled, but are now back in place...and we'll be in the yard for most of the day.

I hope you all have a happy Mother's Day!


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I'll bet you a million dollers that this guy (by age 48)
has a record somewhere as a sex offender!
Have you considered contacting the FBI National Sex Offender Registry?


Here is a link that might be useful: National Sex Offender Registry

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And what about that familywatchdog.com site to look up pediphiles?

Don't short change yourself on the things you need most, sleep, healthy food, and lots of walks with your husband.

You're in my prayers, Sheri.

Here is a link that might be useful: familywatchdog.com

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This guy is not on any of those sites. I've checked long ago....and again recently.

We just had sod installed this weekend and were standing at the street talking to some neighbors. The guys were talking alone and I was talking to the wife. This weirdo walked right up to us with his dog and for the first time approached the husbands. He NEVER talks to the men, though they know all about him. Well, he just stood there. Finally, the guys just looked at him dead pan. The weird guy said something like, "There's a weird, homeless man in the neighborhood living in the woods, sometimes sleeping on people's law furniture. I know you keep your blinds open at night. I wouldn't anymore. You never know who's watching you. This guy gives me the creeps." They said, "Oh, OK. Thanks." He did mention some other neighbors that has seen a guy, but moved on. He never, ever looked at me or said a word. He KNOWS I complained to the principal about him.

Well, his comments are CREEPY. I DO leave my shutters open in the kitchen, front, etc.. Of course they're closed in the bedrooms, etc. I also have security lights. Our "lot" is 1.4 acres, so it's not like it's a tight subdivision where you can easily look into our home.

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