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sdkoMay 31, 2012


After months of backing and forthing I finally reached a desicion to go with Cabico Cabinets for my new home. Obviously before ordering, I requested a few sample doors in the B.M color I had selected. When I opened the boxes I was beyond disappointed...the mitering of the doors was very sloppy, there were already hairline cracks in the paint, and there were many gaps in between the profile and the cabinet door. I am now SO skeptical about ordering a product from a manufacturer, as opposed to going with a local craftsman. I was hoping my KD would tell me that it was just the samples, and before the actual product left the plant it is inspected with a fine tooth comb....however....she was not ready to committ to an answer. I hired her as an independant consultant, and she acknowledges my concerns. Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, or experience to share that can help with my confusion about how to proceed??

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Did you contact Cabico? And if so what was their response? We're considering them as an option.

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